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Restructuring Panasonic’s online environment with Salesforce

shop sites

Panasonic is one of the largest electronics product manufacturers in the world. Dept was engaged by Panasonic for technical operations and support, as well as technical consulting for future country rollouts and relaunches. Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud allowed Panasonic to build and launch numerous European shop sites quickly and efficiently from a single common architecture without having to maintain a geographically dispersed IT infrastructure.

A Dept and Panasonic match

Panasonic started it out as a lightbulb socket producer and grew to the largest electronic product manufacturers it is today because of constant innovation and keeping a strong competitive edge. That’s why Dept and Panasonic is a good match when it comes to launch numerous European shop sites.

Seamless navigation for better user experiences

Dept helped with rolling out six additional country sites and also set up a partial redesign and comprehensive relaunch. Panasonic Europe customers can now seamlessly navigate between Panasonic’s CMS-website and the online shop sites, searching and shopping products from their mobile devices. Also, we have significantly extended payment integration and we have optimised Panasonic’s authentication systems process for the online shop, newsletter, product registration site and Lumix G community site by integrating a single-sign-on solution. Now, customers only need to register for one of the three systems to have access to the others – without re-authentication. Single-sign-on saves time and increases security.

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