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Jungheinrich AG is a Hamburg-based family business that is characterised by a high degree of innovation, automation and digitalisation. With over 18,000 employees and more than 3.8 billion euros in sales, Jungheinrich AG is one of the world’s leading solution providers for intralogistics. The digitisation of the industry is also presenting Jungheinrich with new challenges, especially in the important area of spare parts sales.

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The solution

Customers must be able to find the exact products relevant to them out of almost a million. A milestone in this process was not only making the spare parts product portfolio available online, but also to guide customers to the right product.

For this reason, the company commissioned DEPT® to develop a B2B platform for spare parts and integrate it seamlessly into the existing system landscape.

User Experience Highlight: Spare Parts Finder

For the implementation of the platform, it was important to design an entry point to the shop that was geared towards the customer, with a clear focus on the user experience. For this purpose, Jungheinrich introduced and finally implemented a design for the current spare parts finder. Customers can use this spare parts finder to search specifically for relevant spare parts for their equipment, thereby saving time and effort. In addition, extensive automatic systems were developed that regularly remind Jungheinrich customers to order the necessary spare parts for their trucks. Jungheinrich is thus moving away from traditional after-sales distribution channels via call centres or fax towards a future-oriented sales solution.

In addition to the spare parts finder, DEPT® has also developed a comprehensive rights & roles management system. Purchasing lists, budgets and rights of individual customer employees can be managed in their accounts.

Price updates in real time with SAP

The project was implemented by more than twenty employees over a total of seven months. The good cooperation within the individual teams deserves a special mention, which were made up of employees from both DEPT® and Jungheinrich. It was only in this way that the complex integration of the shop solution into Jungheinrich’s system architecture could be guaranteed without errors. By connecting the spare parts shop to SAP, the prices of the spare parts can be accessed in real time and displayed individually for each customer. Several million data records were imported into the spare parts shop to ensure optimal usability of the spare parts finder.

We took a big step towards a modern infrastructure and a customer-centric after-sales business. DEPT® understood what we had envisioned and where we wanted to go right from the beginning.

Roll-out in 40 countries with Microsoft Azure

Since June 2020, Jungheinrich’s new digital infrastructure has been accessible in 40 countries and 26 different languages. As is customary in B2B shops, Jungheinrich first checks the registrations. The connection to Microsoft Azure AD authentication ensures that there has been no unauthorised access to the shop. DEPT® also ensured that the authentication was seamlessly integrated into the Spryker environment.


Managing Director

Oliver Cloppenburg


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