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SWICA health insurance company is committed to better health. Through their new digital coaching app, BENEVITA, they motivate the population to live a holistically healthy life. 

Experts in health and wellness, DEPT® helped them design and develop the health platform. 

Big project, lean solution

SWICA has fundamentally rethought, designed, and developed the BENEVITA health platform.

In the first project phase, we focused on a new app with MVP functions, which will gradually expanded and optimized based on user feedback and needs. The BENEVITA app provides effective practical work: It is inspiration and guidance for regular exercise, a balanced diet, and greater well-being in everyday life.

Pleasant, meaningful, attractive

With the relaunch, the BENEVITA app provided better information, rich content assets, and an interactive experience. 

It makes users want to live a healthy lifestyle and creates additional incentives by embedding knowledge transfer and practical instructions in challenges. Anyone who answers quiz questions, cooks recipes, and does fitness and relaxation exercises benefits from special offers and bonus discounts.

Experience BENEVITA

Performance and appearance

In addition to the content concept, the technical implementation is responsible for the success of BENEVITA – a collaboration between us and a partner app development agency. Together with the cross-platform software development kit Flutter, we created the mobile app. Visual fine-tuning with elegant, smooth transitions is based on the Lottie Framework, which plays After Effects animations directly and in real time.



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