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Switzerland-based Swiss Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurance and insurance providers. Since its founding in 1863, the global company has undergone a digital transformation across many levels of the business. DEPT® partnered with Swiss Re to create a new website that reflected this ongoing digitization while connecting all of the brand’s content from around the world. With its new central knowledge and information platform, the international reinsurer’s digital presence is more seamless, clearly structured, and appealing to all stakeholders.

Quality content, simple solution

With more than 150 years in business navigating an increasingly complex industry, Swiss Re has amassed an immense level of specialist knowledge and expertise. Its newly designed website gives Swiss Re the opportunity to showcase its experience and insights in an organized, accessible, and usable way. 

Communicative fusion

The new website is a digital representation of Swiss Re, reflecting all of the international organization’s business areas. One of the main priorities when building the site was uniting the various, previously independent platforms and creating a centralized digital presence for the brand. Doing so required working across many cultures and communication styles to find harmonization and develop a united internal corporate identity.

Design meets tagging

By using bold images, concise copy, and a simple layout, the minimalistic UI of the Swiss Re website presents a clear and direct path to its content hub. This is supported by strategically placed calls to action that drive desired actions by users. And with an intelligent tagging system that connects related topics and content types—from basic knowledge to research results to events and press releases—users can easily find and identify what they’re looking for.

Content creation, CMS & coding

While concept, architecture, and design were all critical components of the Swiss Re website upgrade, creating rich multimedia content was also integral to the project. Through the redesign, Swiss Re enriches its digital presence by complementing high-quality images with well-written text.
Content implementation and continuous development of the website are ongoing processes that Swiss Re will primarily carry out internally with the support of partners like DEPT® and Magnolia CMS, which has been a dedicated backend partner throughout the project.

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