The new era of TV ads: Amazon Prime video ads 

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most popular streaming platforms globally. It offers critically acclaimed television series and blockbuster films to millions of viewers worldwide.

For the first time, all advertisers have the opportunity to reach a global streaming audience at scale as they watch their preferred TV shows and movies on desktop, mobile, and connected TV environments.

Reach viewers on a large scale

Prime Video ads have an estimated monthly reach of 115 million viewers in the US, 15 million reach in the UK, 18 million in Germany, 11 million in each Italy and Spain, as well as 9 million in France. Other promising markets such as Canada, Mexico, Austria and Australia with millions of viewers are also included. So, the increase of incremental reach coming from an awareness campaign with this high reach, can surely be expected.

Target your audience the right way: with the right interests – at the right time

Whether you want to reach a specific demographic or lifestyle target group such as fashionistas, pet lovers or car enthusiasts, with Prime Video Ads your brand would be able to use Amazon’s exclusive 1st party data based on interests and user behavior to reach your target audience. 

But not only are data signals relevant, the content where the ads are placed are important, too. With contextual targeting possibilities, the ads can be placed on specific TV/ movie genres, titles, and shows to make sure the environment fits the brand. But of course, the ads-policy states: only the parents will be reached as the ads won’t run on prime video kids content (age rating <12 years old), even if accessed from an adult Amazon Prime profile.

Previous results

On average, streaming TV campaigns that utilized Amazon’s first-party lifestyle audiences saw a 10% increase in product detail page view rate and a 6% increase in “add to cart” rate compared to standard demographics.





Viewer Experience

  • Full-screen
  • Sound on
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Re- or mid-roll (rotational)
  • Non-clickable

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Team Lead Retail Media & Amazon Partner Manager

Nilufar Monshisadegan

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