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Our approach to Technology

Unleash your digital marketing potential with digital experience platforms

Want to know the secret to digital marketing success? It’s not relying on just one platform but using a whole suite of digital experience platforms that help you understand your customers, keep an eye on your competition, and optimize your campaigns like a pro.

Our expertise in various digital experience platforms includes some seriously smart applications and technologies that monitor your website’s availability, adjust your ads based on all sorts of factors (even the weather!), and connect all your data warehouses. We’ve partnered with the best, like Google Marketing Platform, and even developed our proprietary tool, Ada by DEPT®.

We leverage these tools to automatically keep tabs on your campaigns, spotting underperforming keywords and changes in your competition’s strategy that require a new bidding approach. We catch these changes in real time and take action to keep your campaigns on top.

We know digital campaigns need constant updates, so we use machine learning to automatically optimize and adjust your campaigns based on many different data sources – like product feeds or actions of your competitors. We also use customer clustering and journey attribution tools to help you deeply  understand your audience and their digital footprint.

Successful companies use a suite of digital marketing tools and technologies to really nail their campaigns and ensure peak performance. Rely on us to help you navigate and implement the best digital experience platforms and solutions for your company.

More technology services:
Ada by DEPT® / Monitor effectiveness of media buying / Automation of media buying / Google Marketing Platform (GMP) / Customer data platform (CDP)

Technology is just one of the services available in our end-to-end digital media programs.

From digital experience platforms to channel domination, we can help you boost your growth marketing efforts.


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