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In a world with more brands, channels and customer touchpoints than ever before, businesses are looking for the most effective media strategy, creative automation, and the best use of their data and tech stack. That’s where our proprietary marketing technology platform Ada by DEPT® comes in.


Our growth & data engineering team helps brands and companies to to stay ahead. We combine our proprietary tech stack, and strong expertise in GMP, performance, data, engineering, and creativity under one roof. Founded over 20 years ago, we do what needs to be done to make your campaigns and data stack more efficient and effective. It’s why we have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for businesses on their bottom line. 

With the help of Ada by DEPT®, our proprietary marketing technology platform, we help utilise data from billions of ads, served in hundreds of countries, across thousands of campaigns, to improve your search, social, TV, programmatic, and marketplace results.

Together with ASOS, we exceeded expectations and reached 1.2 billion video views in just 6 days with a smart TikTok campaign. For Vacanceselect, we made sure you can now find your dream holiday with just one simple click. And we helped gaming manufacturer SteelSeries achieve double-digit growth by embracing a full-funnel media strategy.

From qualified leads to online purchases, we help you to measure and optimise your full-funnel and increase conversion. We understand the need for personalisation at scale and are able to deliver hundreds of thousands of personalised creative assets across the world. We take machine learning and AI beyond the hype and unlock the value of data by getting your data house in order through BI and data science solutions. Feel free to check out all of our Growth services, or get in touch directly with one of our experts.

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