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With plenty of options when it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to get confused as to which outlet is right for you. Our creative and data-driven brainiacs do all the difficult thinking to make exceptional media campaigns for you.

Our paid media services:

Modern technology and the availability of data hand us many options when it comes to digital marketing. Just keeping up with the developments in digital marketing should be a full time job. Media buying is transforming into a computer-driven activity and the role of a digital marketer is shifting from execution to strategy and creation. We’ve made it our mission to invent the most innovative, award winning digital media campaigns. We know exactly which channels to use to deliver your message wherever and whenever it’s most relevant. Dept has extended expertise in search engine advertising, more info through this link.

Social Media Advertising:
Our B2B and B2C social advertising teams help our clients to drive the best results from paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify and WeChat. We run global campaigns for global brands, and have a lot of local specialists to get the best fit to your brand in the countries we target.

Programmatic Advertising:
Within our paid media teams, our certified programmatic advertising specialists help our clients to effectively purchase digital media. Whether through display advertising, real-time bidding or direct deals with publishers, we make sure to drive the best results. In a transparent and data driven manner. We partner with Google Marketing Platform, especially with DV360, Adform and a wide range of publishers.

Earned Media: This is exposure that you have earned, such as word of mouth advertising and customer experience. Your goals may be to earn more exposure through customer reviews and having people share content through social media.

Paid Media: Paid media is any form of advertising that you pay for. In most campaigns, you will use your paid media to funnel prospects to your owned media.

Our Dept process

In a very tiny nutshell our process comes down to profound analysis and clear defining goals. That sets our creative masterminds up with what they need to get your show on the road. The next step is deciding on content and media – think social media and search engine presence, digital radio publicity, personalised video ads, television commercials and programmatic display. We implement and continually optimise, using fact-based decision making instead of gut feelings, often collaborating with some of our preferred media partners.

What you see is what you get

Transparency in our service is extremely important to us. How do we ensure this? A complete overview of all digital media data, media expenses and activities is included in the monthly reports. These reports reflect how every euro was spent. No hidden costs. No secrets. We use attribution models to provide straightforward insight into all touch points along the customer journey and how they have performed. And with machine learning we make sure you get the most out of your media budget.

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