Transforming the customer experience with composable commerce

The headless and composable commerce approach is transforming today’s commerce experience. Decoupling the front-end and back-end gives brands and retailers the flexibility to create next-level commerce experiences that are personalized and differentiated.

Salesforce Composable Storefront is a great starting point for a new headless digital storefront, but at DEPT® we take it one step further.

eCommerce Design System

We’ve created a library of reusable, conversion-optimized design components for eCommerce sites based on our visual and UX standards. This helps ensure consistency and scalability when building headless webshops.

Composable Storefront Accelerator

The DEPT® accelerator extends the standard headless storefront with new capabilities and functionalities that retailers require to stay ahead.

DEPT® is driving the next generation of commerce and innovation for clients.

Vineyard Vines

The American clothing and accessory retailer wanted to expand and optimise its commerce offering for its consumer and business audiences. We helped digitize, expand and operationalize its B2B offering, and refine the experience for its consumer audience, giving visitors the ability to design their own clothing based on unique logo color combinations and other decorations.
Two man fishing and an image of Vineyard Vine products category



Increase in eCommerce sales


Consecutive quarters of record net profits post-launch.

Shoe Carnival

Footwear retailer Shoe Carnival wanted to accelerate its omnichannel journey by bringing traditional store experiences online. We refreshed their website design, implemented a best-in-class Manhattan Order Management System, and built and executed a phased approach to rapidly deploy ship-to-store functionality and solutions.
Shoe carnival, person tying their shoe



Increase in digital revenue

More profit for shareholders

then in the prior six years combined

A composable approach allows brands to gain more control over the functionality and performance of commerce operations to deliver seamless and superior experiences across the ever-growing number of touchpoints that consumers interact.

Want to know more about composable commerce? DEPT® can help. Contact us to learn more.