Aspiring to be the best agency we can be, for the world

We’re firm believers in the power of digital to not just change the world, but to make it a better place. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to take the biggest step yet in DEPT®’s #goodcompany journey, achieving B Corp™ Certification. B Corps represent a growing collective of businesses dedicated to balancing purpose and profit. This collective includes Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Allbirds, to name a few of our favorites.


Becoming a B Corp is not easy

Accountability is a key part of the B Corp process. We have a legal commitment to consider the impact of our business within a few scopes: workers, clients, governance, community and the environment. Accuracy is essential, too. The B Lab grades our performance in each scope, requiring us to measure dozens of factors across our business. Reporting honestly is a must. There’s no cheating the system.

So, what prompted us to invest so much in this endeavor?

In short, our Depsters. Our B Corp journey began as one employee’s suggestion. That sparked a company-wide mission motivated by the combination of creating great work for clients and making a positive impact on the world. This mission was 100% driven by a team of more than 40 Depsters, who took on the hefty responsibility of measuring those dozens of factors in addition to taking care of their regular day-to-day. The result of that work was our 70-page Impact Report, which represents the hallmark of our #good-company mission.

You can explore the full DEPT® 2021 Impact Report here.

What does it mean for Dept?

When we first set off on this company-wide mission, we thought we were in pretty good shape. We had just become a Climate Neutral company. We had also worked on a number of impact projects with clients who we were extra proud to support in their missions to better the world, including creating a branded commerce experience rooted in sustainability for Patagonia, reinventing the agricultural life cycle with Indigo Ag, using the power of technology to do good with JustDiggit and creating a conversation around mental health with Ireland’s HSE. For these reasons, we thought we were already a good company. But — plot twist! — turns out that we could be a lot better.

trash on the beach

We are just getting started

Becoming a B Corp™ forced us to think about how to make our Impact Strategy more effective and take a 360-degree view to be a good company. It also showed us that, although we had already made some significant strides, truly being a good company requires dedication towards an ongoing mission to improve DEPT® from the inside out.

Here’s what we have in store.

01. We will fulfill our human responsibility to protect the climate. We are climate-neutral today and by 2023 we aim to make DEPT® a carbon negative company. We’re committed to reducing our travel emissions by 7% year over year and meeting green building accreditation standards for 70% of our global office space by 2023.

02. We will fulfill our responsibility as a business to accelerate responsible production and consumption. As of 2020, nearly 9% of DEPT®’s revenue came from client projects with a positive social or environmental impact. By 2023, that portfolio of impactful work will expand to represent 15% of our total revenue. And we won’t stop there. We’ll also create our own impact by pledging 1% of our total profits to support purpose-driven organizations via donations, pro bono work and during DEPT® Cares Day, our annual global day of volunteering.

03. We will fulfill our responsibility to create a company that is diverse, equal, and inclusive. Our team of over 2,000 Depsters represents more than 65 nationalities. By 2023, our workforce will be a solid representation of society at large and more than 40% of our managers will be female or nonbinary. Because with offices across 15 countries (and counting!), we recognize that a global organization has to be global both in its scale and in its people.

All told, this is just the beginning. In our journey to become a better good company and also on a much larger scale. We believe that digital marketing and technology can create a better future. By promoting a fairer, more equitable society and solving global issues like climate change. 

And, as a company of digital thinkers and makers, that’s a future we can’t wait to get started on.

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