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Enhancing customer experience with the help of Adobe products

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Bajaj Allianz, India’s largest private insurance company, teamed up with Adobe Silver Partner DEPT® to serve stronger digital customer experiences and increase B2C sales. The results were stunning.

A need for more self-service and more flexibility

Like many other industries, the insurance industry has also been transformed by digitalisation. Bajaj Allianz, established in 2001, noticed that more and more customers – especially digital natives – preferred online transactions and self-service. Additionally, customer and market needs seemed to change at an increasing speed. Hence, the company created a vision for digital transformation built around using websites and mobile apps at every stage of the insurance customer journey, from learning about insurance options to getting a quote to paying for policies online.

Bajaj Allianz was looking for a strong partner to bring this vision to life and turned to our experienced and skilled team at DEPT®. Over the course of nine months, we worked with the company to completely reimagine their digital customer journey, from transforming their website using Adobe Experience Manager to establishing new data workflows with Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics: understanding digital experiences

Using the real-time metrics gained through Adobe Analytics, Bajaj Allianz gains a greater understanding of how to improve their customer experience – from preventing technical errors to providing a more engaging customer journey. For example, the tool revealed that many customers were redoing quotes multiple times to compare premiums for vehicles with different market values. By changing the value from a one-time drop-down selection to a flexible slider, the company made it much easier for customers to compare values.

While website information is available in three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi – there are 22 scheduled languages and more than 100 major languages in India. While fully translating each page would be a significant investment, DEPT® helped create a system to target audiences by changing the language used for the call-to-action on campaign landing pages. This makes sense since we found that consumers react positively to messaging delivered in their native languages.
In general, the new digital experience built on Adobe Experience Cloud has been very effective and meaningful for Bajaj Allianz and its customers. It is now responsible for 14% of the company’s new customers and 16% of its new policies.

Adobe Experience Manager: bringing products to market faster

Our team deployed Adobe Experience Manager with a focus on putting the power of content back in the hands of those closest to the customers. Bajaj Allianz’ marketers can now use simple drag-and-drop operations to quickly create a landing page for a new marketing campaign. Its product teams can change copy describing an insurance product or add a new call-to-action in minutes. Since there’s no need to wait for developers to code pages, the company’s teams make changes faster and deliver information that matches customer needs.

This speed leads to much faster time-to-market for new products. Bajaj Allianz recently launched pet insurance – the first of its kind in the Indian insurance market. Since the product team didn’t need to work with developers through multiple rounds of design and review, the product site was ready for launch in a fraction of the time compared to products launched before Adobe Experience Manager.

The agility of Adobe Experience Manager benefited Bajaj Allianz especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic when people wanted more information about health insurance. They also wanted to renew policies online or purchase optional health insurance policies that cover expenses related to the hospitalisation and treatment of COVID-19.

Continued growth and improvement

Through frequent training sessions, DEPT® keeps the client’s teams updated on the latest Adobe features, new standards for best practices or the changing customer landscape.

DEPT® has helped us to continue delivering wow customer experience and profitable growth as a digital channel for the company. Our B2C sales have increased fourfold with the Adobe Experience Cloud implementation.

Sourabh Chatterjee, President & Head – IT, Web Sales & Travel, Bajaj Allianz


CTO – APAC & DEPT® Adobe Practice

Yash Mody

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