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Reaching larger audiences faster thanks to Adobe Experience Cloud

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Formed in 2007, Tata Capital is the flagship financial services company by the Tata Group, one of the largest multi-industry business conglomerates. Thanks to the implementation of Adobe Experience Cloud through our experts at DEPT®, the company managed to improve its customer service, its content creation, and its website traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Improvement 1: Business and customer service in the new normal

As one of the most trusted and customer-centric financial solutions partners in India, Tata Capital and its subsidiaries provide a wide array of products and services across commercial finance, infrastructure finance, wealth management, and consumer loans.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and induced lockdown in India, Tata Capital had to swiftly find solutions that included driving customer service through WhatsApp and chatbots. Also, the company’s 15 websites needed to be optimised to deliver content with a clear call to action and engagement at the same time. This required a robust content management system along with strong analytics support.

Our team at DEPT® rose to the challenge and helped in setting up and using end-to-end functionality of Adobe Experience Cloud applications, as well as building a dashboard and analytics report which helps in identifying and focusing on the right areas of improvement.

When the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) moratorium was introduced during the pandemic, there was a huge influx of queries and doubts around the process and its implications by various customers. With the help of Adobe Experience Cloud application Adobe Experience Manager, Tata Capital created additional pages on its website that captured FAQs on the moratorium as well as a moratorium EMI calculator for its customers. Since they were the first ones to offer this, they became the most visited webpage in Google’s search engine for moratorium related queries during the first lockdown.

Tata Capital also leveraged Adobe Target, which played a crucial role in driving data backed decisions to ensure an optimal and targeted consumer outreach, leading to higher conversion rates.

Improvement 2: Faster go-to-market at a lower cost for new content

Tata Capital has 15 websites and all used to be hosted on different platforms, which means to make even a small change like updating a logo, the team would have to go through 15 different vendors. As a result, Tata Capital had to spend six to seven resources on each change and the go live timelines were dependent on the slowest vendor. All this resulted in long timelines and high costs to make any changes.

Thanks to the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager by our team, Tata Capital has been able to bring all its 15 websites under one tool and vendor. Therefore, a project which would earlier take six to seven resources can now be managed by a single resource. This shift has helped Tata Capital bring down the costs significantly. In the current scenario, where time is of the essence for the success of any business, the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager has helped Tata Capital reduce the go live timelines by as much as 90%.

Improvement 3: Leveraging faster SEO recommendation

At approximately 40% penetration, India has close to 700 million Internet users and the urban-rural divide is reducing with each passing day with India’s rural areas driving the country’s digital growth. Therefore, brands today need fast and unique solutions to engage a greater number of audiences. The path to winning new customers is closely linked to Google and the success of SEO campaigns driven by individual brands.

Tata Capital, with the help of DEPT® and Adobe Experience Cloud tools, has been able to bring website consolidation across platforms to reduce the lead time required in SEO recommendation by 45%. Before the company used Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, the monthly visitors on the webpage were just over 250k users as compared to 2.5 million currently. The implementation of Adobe Experience Cloud tools has helped Tata Capital with a 900% increase in the number of visitors on their website.

DEPT® has been instrumental in helping us realise the maximum potential of Adobe Experience Cloud. Their deep understanding was pivotal in making the applications live within four months of implementation.

Kaushik Chakraborty, Senior Vice President Digital, Tata Capital


CTO – APAC & DEPT® Adobe Practice

Yash Mody

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