The one-stop shopping platform for restaurateurs

Gastivo is a one-stop shopping experience, a digital marketplace for restaurateurs, and a source of inspiration for new products and trends.

With DEPT®, Gastivo is working to simplify the marketplace’s complex technical basis and make it suitable for the brand’s exponential and strategic growth.

A marketplace for everything restaurateurs need

We developed a user-centered platform that allows restaurateurs to throw out the fax and answering machines for their suppliers’ orderings. Our main focus was modern UX/UI design and optimization of individual processes for optimal and intuitive user guidance. 

The most important new features include a dashboard for purchasing management and customization of Spryker’s back-end system for targeted promotions. This gives restaurateurs the ability to place orders as easily as with private online shopping, as well as combine orders from all their suppliers. 

At the same time, it allows Gastivo to offer numerous digital solutions for day-to-day catering operations. For example, energy consumption checks, POS systems, and tools for digital guest registration.

On course for growth 

By implementing Spryker OS Commerce and customizing individual features for Gastivo, we developed a modern one-stop shopping platform that meets Gastivo’s ambitious growth plans.

A look into the future

The number of catering operators in the Gastivo marketplace is growing rapidly, bringing with them up to four suppliers. The interest of system caterers is growing too, who are also looking for further optimization along the process chain.

Together with Gastivo, we will work in integrated teams to create a holistic digital experience. This includes the development and implementation of digital marketing strategies, data-driven optimization, and continuous development of user-centered experiences and applications.


Project Manager

Chelsea Dooling

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