Promoting a healthy lifestyle with a dynamic campaign

Becel, known as Flora in the UK and Promise in the US, is a brand of margarine sold in over 25 countries across the globe. Produced by Upfield, the largest plant-based consumer products company in the world, Becel focuses on promoting the blood cholesterol lowering qualities of its buttery spread. A dedicated team at DEPT® helped the brand to amplify this message in the Netherlands with a dynamic campaign that increased engagement and brand preference, and stimulated purchase intention. Together, Becel and DEPT® delivered relevant content to the target group, exactly what, where and when they wanted it.

The + of a Strong Heart

Health is close to Becel’s heart. According to the brand, getting older does not mean becoming duller and less fit. On the contrary, Becel believes that the second half of your life is also beautiful, powerful and joyful. Particularly if you take good care of your heart and provide it with omega 3 and 6, important substances that Becel margarine contains. Changing the perspective on aging and using Becel products for your (heart) health is what its proposition, ‘The + of a Strong Heart’, is all about.

The portrait of Marianne

As part of the proposition, a portrait was made of Marianne, a fit woman in her fifties. Not only does she cycle to stay healthy, she also uses Becel products for her heart. We translated this idea into a social advertising campaign. The focus was on increased brand engagement and consideration, which we hoped to achieve through a high degree of relevance.

Our approach

For real winners: the yellow jersey

The right content at the right time

Dynamic content with the help of Smartly

Exceptional results in all areas

Together with Becel, we generated a campaign with exceptional results regarding brand, communication and campaign objectives. Within the Brand Health Funnel, Becel has never measured such a large increase since the start of a campaign. The number of people loyal to the Becel brand has reached its highest point ever. Ad engagement and ad recall scores are higher than in previous Becel campaigns. The recipe page received a lot more visits during the campaign period.

  • +38% increase in brand consideration
  • +4% increase in brand loyalty
  • +30% increase in positive communication awareness


Social Advertising Consultant

Ferdie Kamphuis

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