Liberty Global

Personalised platform content using AEM

Liberty Global is a world-leading television and telecommunications company with over twenty-nine million customers worldwide. Their advanced broadband internet, voice, video services and innovative product bundles give millions of people endless possibilities in the digital world.

The company approached DEPT® and asked us to design, build and continuously optimise their e-commerce platforms using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Tailored customer content

Liberty Global’s e-commerce platform handles and processes online orders from multiple product catalogues on different websites using AEM. The core objective of the platform is to deliver rich and personalised content within an intuitive ordering process. From the user’s perspective, placing an order is simple, but behind the scenes, developers have built a complex set of rules to ensure that unique product codes are stored accurately. Together with Liberty Global, DEPT® choose Adobe Experience Manager as the best tool to deliver personalised content to the company’s customers.

Be one step ahead of the competition using personalised content

The advantages of AEM

AEM is a content management system from Adobe Experience Cloud. As an AEM Specialised Bronze partner, DEPT® has years of in-depth experience with all of Adobe’s products including AEM. Given our tight partnership and expertise, it made sense to use AEM for Liberty Global.

AEM is known as a reliable and comprehensive CMS. It has a very user-friendly user interface, powerful capabilities to manage multiple country sites and languages while maintaining an overview at all times. A solution for large, international companies like Liberty Global. 

Adobe’s complete Experience Cloud consists of multiple Best of Breed marketing products, which can be used independently or integrated with AEM. Adobe Analytics is a fully-fledged alternative to Google Analytics 360 and offers enterprises real-time insights into customer data, which can be acted upon directly in combination with AEM. With Adobe Target, one’s website can transform into a marketing machine, through AI-powered personalisation and powerful A/B and Multivariate Testing across every channel.

In the case of Liberty Global, the advantages of AEM such as scalability, extensive cloud services, ease of use and the possibility for personalised content are well deployed in the improvements of the platform.


We helped Liberty Global take some big steps in the digital world and the use of AEM proved to be the right choice from a technical point of view. Their sales were boosted by successfully implementing a complex, commercial basis. It empowered the company to offer its customers personalised offers, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside

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