Data-driven business transformation for enhanced profitability

For almost 30 years, Autobytel has been helping customers make informed decisions when buying their dream car. By analyzing a wide range of data, its information hub already created tens of millions of smarter buyers. 

Autobytel approached DEPT® to help it adapt to new market realities. The key task was to deliver a comprehensive business transformation using an advanced analytics platform.

Core challenges

As the automotive market is quite dynamic, it entailed adopting new data-driven solutions. Thus, Autobytel asked us to support a company-wide business transformation with three main challenges: 

  • Modernizing the existing data platform
  • Redefining website instrumentation to support a new site-based advertising model
  • Optimizing dealership lead-management products to increase profitability

Our approach focused on three core foundations that included new site analytics taxonomy, a data warehouse reboot, and a rebuilt lead scoring system.

New site analytics taxonomy

Using Adobe Analytics best practices, we implemented a brand new site analytics taxonomy. This upgrade was specifically aimed at maximizing advertising revenue on the site. By carefully rethinking the analytics structure, we sought to provide detailed information that could become the basis for targeted advertising strategies.

Data warehouse reboot

Recognizing the importance of data in the decision-making process, we conducted a comprehensive reboot of the data warehouse. This included refactoring core data models and restructuring data pipelines. 

Our goal was to transform Autobytel from a reactive, report-driven organization to an analytics-driven organization. This transition has enabled the company to gain real-time insights, facilitating a more proactive and strategic approach.

Rebuilt lead scoring system

To improve lead management, we reconstructed Autobytel’s lead scoring system. We focused on better identifying high-quality leads and seamlessly matching them with dealers who can maximize their impact. 

With this optimization, Autobytel will be able to streamline the sales process, ensuring that resources are directed to the leads with the highest conversion potential.

Enhanced profitability and revenue increase

The data-driven transformation proved to be very successful for Autobytel, adding entirely new revenue streams and increasing the profitability of its existing products.

The new site analytics taxonomy, aligned with the site-based ad revenue model, led to a substantial increase in revenue generated per page. The rebuilt lead-scoring system streamlined the sales process and maximized the utilization of resources. 

Their combined effect contributed to a major increase in revenue per lead and enhanced the profitability of Autobytel’s products.




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Business Development Manager

Chris Ahlers

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