The case for Integration Engineers

First impressions are important, second impressions are everything. So it’s time for some action. Let’s stop talking and get some serious coding done. After all, that’s what makes the world go round!

With the following assignment, you can show us what you got. The case tests your competences regarding development and gives us an idea of how well you come up with solutions.


A client wants a website where you can easily search for movie trailers and reviews from various online channels.


  • Movie and series enthusiasts, thousands/millions of viewers


  • Use an existing online movie database (e.g. IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes) for general information about movies and series;
  • Use an existing online video service (eg Youtube or Vimeo) for trailers or recorded reviews;
  • Users can easily search for movies or series
  • Search results are spread over pages
  • Films and series all have their own detail page with information, trailers and reviews.

Additional context:

  • Very small support staff
  • The end application will have global presence
  • The client application will make use of modern tech stack
  • Performance is very important to have an optimal user experience


  • Design necessary integrations with different sources needed for the end-solution.
  • Design necessary APIs to support the client application.
  • Implementation of system integrations and APIs necessary for creating the end solution.

Bonus points

  • Describe (or implement) a test plan to ensure the quality of the integration services.
  • Describe how your solution will meet the given non-functional requirements.

Kick some ass!