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Recruitment Process at Dept

22 November 2021

Today is the day. You have applied or you are about to. The recruitment process is starting – this process is one of getting to know each other, and of seeing if we are a match for one another. We would love to learn more about your ambitions, skills and competencies, and want to tell you more about what we do and who we are. So, what’s to follow? Here’s a step-by-step overview.

recruitment process

Six step recruitment journey

Submit your application

When you’ve rang our digital doorbell and submitted your application, one of our recruiters will be assigned to you. Your application will be carefully reviewed before we get back to you. And we will get back to you, no matter the outcome. 

Phone call

Once your application looks like a good fit, the recruiter will set up a phone call to check in with you. In this call you get to tell us more about your motivation and ambitions. You’ll also learn more about us and the next steps of the recruitment process.

First interview

We’d like you to meet the recruiter and possibly the hiring manager. This can take place digitally, or in real-life at the office, where we can show you around and you can get a feel for our office vibes. During the first interview it is your time to shine. The aim really is to see if there is a match and mutual interest. Besides talking about your competencies and skills, we’ll also tell you more about DEPT® and the role you’ve applied for. 


Onto the next round! If we seem to hit it off at the first interview, there is a chance we will set you a task to understand more about your role-specific skills. Almost all roles require some sort of an assignment. Your recruiter will walk you through the assignment, which you’ll have to prepare for the second interview.

Second interview (almost there!)

The second interview will be held with the colleagues of your potential future team. We’ll talk about your assignment, your ways of working and learn more about your talents. But of course, it’s not a one-way street. You’ll have the chance to get answers to any questions and discuss any lingering thoughts about the role and DEPT®.

Joining DEPT®

Yes, you’re in! Congrats – you’ve finished the recruitment journey. We hope you are just as excited to join us as we are. You will get a call from your recruiter to discuss the last matters before we launch your DEPT® career. So, are you ready for the new adventure? 

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Happy to help

Good to know: our recruitment team is here to guide you through the 6-step recruitment journey. Throughout the whole process, they are just one click or call away. Don’t hold back on asking questions, because we are more than happy to help! Fill in the form below or reach out to us via [email protected].

Although quality trumps speed, on average we go from application to offer in 4 weeks.


Recruitment Lead

Jeroen Brandwacht