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We created custom ChatGPT integration in Salesforce

The example outlined in the video is a company that sells holiday trips.

When people subscribe to the newsletter, they receive a welcome email. Now, we can use ChatGPT to personalize this email.

ChatGPT generates the subject line, header, and top five suggestions by using the website behavior of the subscriber, which is gathered via Salesforce Marketing Cloud personalization.

With an API, we can request a prompt from ChatGPT and fill in the personalized content with these variables. For example, we can see that User One has a holiday type preference set to “adventurous,” and his last view destination is set to Hawaii. Therefore, ChatGPT generates the subject line, title, and five related suggestions.

DEPT® is working with Salesforce to build a generative AI ecosystem, including collaborating on Salesforce’s latest generative AI product offerings.

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