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Performance Week 2021 – recap

Marjan Straathof
Marjan Straathof
Global Head of Marketing
3 min read
20 June 2021

The ever continuing rise of digital in each step of the customer journey has had increasingly more impact on brand performance – online as well as offline.  At the same time, it is becoming more complex and multi-faceted due to an increase in innovations. So how do you excel at harnessing the power of performance marketing for your brand? How do you perform along all steps and channels of your customer’s journey? Welcome to Performance Week: four days of conversations with the biggest brands of different industries.

Tuesday 20/4 – day 1

Full funnel

A holistic full-funnel marketing approach does not only require a smart mix of channels and formats, it also requires a deep understanding of the customer. That’s why successful marketing cases in our days are often not about that single tv spot or that one ad. marketeers have learned to engage their customers along the customer journey and create an experience that excites people.

To kick off the DEPT® performance week we decided to talk with two of our clients, who are real experts when it comes to a full-funnel marketing approach and putting the customer first: canyon and JYSK.

Wednesday 21/4 – day 2

In today’s business world, data is crucial to getting to know your customer, fulfilling their needs and building a sustainable relationship. Privacy is at the core of all data practices, and companies need to integrate it into all operations to cultivate trust. What can we adapt and improve now? How to prepare for the cookieless future? Time to talk about data and privacy.

Thursday 22/4 – day 3


On thursday it’s all about discourse! We discuss performance marketing trends managed on or by marketplaces and how brands can benefit. Our guests from just eat takeaway.Com and dayrize will share their experiences and will explain which role performance marketing plays within their business set-up.

As a sneak peek, here are some questions that will be discussed during our performance roundtable:

  • Marketplace vs. brand: which advantages and opportunities do brands have in performance marketing, which marketplaces don’t and vice versa and how can they benefit from each other?
  • Inhousing vs. outsourcing: which knowledge should a company build inhouse and which tasks should be outsourced to run an effective and efficient performance machine?
  • Ressources vs. automation: how many experts does a company need to generate an outstanding performance and where is automation most effective?

Friday 23/4 – day 4

FMCG & performance

New products are launched every day and new labels arise. In the fmcg industry, the choices are endless and the life cycles short. How do you stand out in an ever competitive market and succeed in really connecting with the consumer? And what communication channels should be prioritised in your strategy? Today we’re joined by two major fmcg names and we will talk about brands, products, performance, and creating sustainable and humane relationships.

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Global Head of Marketing

Marjan Straathof