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DoorDash celebrates everyday miracles this holiday season in new social campaign

Lindsay Kennedy
Lindsay Kennedy
VP Client Services, DEPT® Marketing Creative
4 min read
22 November 2023

The holidays are the official season of miracles, and DoorDash’s newest campaign, “Everyday Miracles,” reminds us of the smaller ones that keep the holidays going and make them memorable. From a last-minute office party gift to the secret ingredient for your holiday casserole, DoorDash delivers everyday essentials and turns them into seasonal miracles.

To showcase DoorDash’s dedication to making these months as smooth and special as possible for consumers, the on-demand delivery giant tapped DEPT® to bring the campaign to life across social and paid media platforms. 

Presenting the real holiday spirit

To resonate with audiences, the campaign needed to capture the spirit of the season. Together, DEPT® and DoorDash focused on highlighting the real experiences and sentiments of consumers during the holidays — leaning into all the silly, stressful, sappy, and celebratory ways people express themselves as they prepare for this time of year. To do so, we leveraged popular cultural moments and viral creator skits, from Girl Dinner to sports chatter, as well as the unavoidable rants about Christmas.

The holidays can be as stressful as they are delightful. DoorDash wants to help customers focus on the latter and let us help with all the madness. We love how this campaign taps into the authentic ways people really think and live the holidays, and how it all feels so relatable.

– Nicole Sia, senior director of content marketing and social media at DoorDash

The social media activation relies on a mix of owned and creator content. DoorDash owned content, created by DEPT®, focuses on punchy, relatable copy that blends trends and unique insights. The captivating portraits and product photography that make up the creative assets are designed to be viewed quickly without minimal interruption to users’ scrolling experience. Additionally, this campaign marks DoorDash’s first time investing in bespoke Pinterest content, aimed at providing consumers inspiration for last-minute gift ideas. 

“We wanted our owned content to feel representative of holiday truths. Sometimes you burn the turkey, sometimes you show up to potlucks with a store-bought dish, and sometimes you want to skip events altogether,” said DEPT® Creative Director Ro Otamendi. “We tried to capture that in paid content that’s straightforward and that complements the longer-form storytelling of the TVC and the creator videos.”

Giving voices to the campaign

Creator videos are an essential element of the campaign and DoorDash’s overall social presence, as the brand has a history of successful collaborations with popular social media personalities. For this campaign, DEPT® and DoorDash wanted to explore the value of creator-led sketch and situational content versus traditional sponsored videos. As a result, the activation includes unique concepts designed specifically for a variety of creators that encapsulate the humor, whimsy, and humanity of the overall campaign — including a sumptuous dinner party hosted by @madelaineturner and whimsical rhyming stories narrated by @zzzachariah.

The campaign is now running on DoorDash’s Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and will remain live until after Christmas. 

Creative Credits

Account: Calli Goldstein, Alexi Mojsejenko, Sammie Green
Project managers: Alysse Balk
Creative Director: Ro Otamendi
Creatives: Halle Niehoff, Katie Castillo, Roman Wallfisch
Art Director: Justine Requa
Designers: Sebastian Rodriguez, Samuel Martos
Influencer Coordinators: Hannah Biehn
Producers: Dom Carrieri
Editor: Jake Wojenski

Client Credits:
Sr. Director, Content and Social Marketing: Nicole Sia
Sr. Manager, Social Media: Zainab Hasnain

Production Company: Definite Films
Producer: Dominique Carrieri
Executive producer: Ryan Foregger
Director: Dominique Carrier


VP Client Services, DEPT® Marketing Creative

Lindsay Kennedy