DEPT® Commerce Week 2023

ARG – CH – DE – NL – US – UK

26 – 28 September 2023

Commerce Week is back and, this time, it’s bigger and better than ever! This September, prepare for industry insights broadcast from four major cities worldwide.

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Commerce Week 2023


26 – 28 September 2023

What to expect

With daily keynotes featuring industry-leading experts, immerse yourself in discussions covering the latest developments in the industry, including:

Tech-powered shopping, where cutting-edge e-commerce tech is transforming the way we shop. 

Ultra-personalization, where the combined power of big data, AI, and innovative retail media strategies are revolutionizing customer experiences.
The new era of social commerce, the role your brand stands to play in it, and the value that innovations–like virtual goods & digital flagship stores–can offer your audience.

Don’t miss out on your chance to prepare for what’s next in commerce! Join us online from anywhere in the world!

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tuesday 26 September,  9:30 – 11:00 CET
📍 Hamburg, Germany – Tuesday 26 September 15:30 – 16:45 CET
📍London, United Kingdom – Wednesday 27 September, 15:30 – 16:45 BST
📍United States – Wednesday 27 September, 12:00 pm EST – 1:00 pm EST
​​​​📍Buenos Aires, Argentina – Thursday 28 September, 13:00 – 15:00 ART

Meet the speakers

Nora Kato

Digital Lead & Co-Company Leader at FREITAG

Nora Kato started at Freitag in April 2020 as Lead Link Digital Channel. That was at the beginning of the pandemic when suddenly all physical stores had to be closed and the focus was set on ‘e-commerce first’. During this time, she pushed forward topics such as the optimal digital brand and shopping experience, organizational adjustments to consistently merge all digital interfaces, and opportunities for digital personalization.

Jordan Bourse

Client Partner – eCommerce at TikTok

Jordan has worked in the industry for over 13 years across Broadcast, Digital, Influencer Marketing and Social. He began his career in digital media sales for Sky Media before moving to ITV to manage sponsorship campaigns on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and Love Island. In 2017 he joined LA-based Influencer agency StyleHaul’s sales team, working with brands such as ASDA, LVMH and The Coca-Cola Company before joining Hearst as a Digital Director in 2019. Jordan has now worked at TikTok for almost 3yrs, managing large enterprise accounts such as ASOS and Gymshark, as part of the eCommerce team.

Oliver Lange

Head of H&Mbeyond. at H&M

Oliver Lange founded H&M Innovation LAB Germany in 2018, carrying out local retail innovation projects that have the potential to change the industry in terms of sustainability and digitalization. Since July 2020, Oliver has been driving innovation and technology with startups in Berlin as Head of H&Mbeyond. Recent projects of H&Mbeyond deal with the on-demand production of garments or the virtualization of life.

Jan Roman Redeker

Director Marketing Hub Central Europe at Weber

Jan Roman Redeker is a dedicated professional who specializes in helping individuals achieve and surpass their goals. With a knack for employing a “leading from the front” management style, Jan excels in driving revenue and sales growth, identifying new business prospects, and achieving peak performance within highly competitive market segments.

Ralph Rijks

Global VP Marketing | Zalando, Scotch & Soda, Heineken

Ralph Rijks has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands, like Scotch & Soda, Pepsico International, and Heineken. His last adventure was that of Global VP Marketing for one of the biggest fashion commerce platforms, where he led a team of 200 marketers in 25 markets. These were significant roles with big responsibilities, but with a confident mentality and a curiosity to understand organizational and customer needs, Ralph believes anything is possible.

Natalie Berg

Retail Analyst and Senior Contributor at Forbes

For the past 20 years, Natalie has delivered fresh insights on the trends shaping the global retail sector, with a particular focus on the convergence of physical and digital commerce. She is passionate about how retailers can enhance the customer experience and has co-authored two books on retail, including Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer Will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce. Natalie hosts the Retail Disrupted podcast and is a regular keynote speaker on the retail conference circuit. She is an objective TV and radio commentator with frequent appearances on the BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News, and also writes a guest column for Retail Week and Forbes.

Harry Bainbridge

Strategy Director at Highsnobiety

Harry is a cultural brand strategist with close to ten years experience working in-house and agency side for some of the world’s most loved brands. Currently Strategy Director at Highsnobiety, he has driven impact in culture for the likes of Zalando, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Converse on a global scale. 

Tobias Cummins

Global SVP Clients & Managing Director Berlin at DEPT®

With experience in leading businesses in five countries, Tobias Cummins is DEPT®’s Global SVP of Clients and Managing Director in Berlin, responsible for business development across EMEA. Previously, as Managing Director of BYTE/DEPT®, Tobias oversaw expansion into New York and nurtured key relationships with major brands like Spotify, Google, and Twitch. 

Gesine Meitler

Director of Business Development at DEPT®

Gesine Meitler, Director Business Development & Partner at DEPT®, is a digital expert in commerce, innovation and customer experience and responsible for business development at DEPT® Germany since 2021. She has been part of the market launches and distributions of new services, such as Live Shopping, AI, Web3 and Virtual Spaces. From 2012 to 2021 Gesine Meitler launched numerous e-commerce and digital projects in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector at DEPT® for clients including Douglas, adidas, Birkenstock and Marc O’Polo, managed interdisciplinary skilled project teams, securing lasting brand success.

Isabel Perry

VP of Emerging Tech at DEPT®

Isabel Perry, VP of Emerging Technology at DEPT®, is a renowned expert in Al, Web3, and the metaverse, revolutionizing businesses and ranked among the top 15 advertising executives by Business Insider. At DEPT®, she leads a team of over 400 specialists in five continents delivering innovative, pioneering work for brands such as Google, eBay and Philips.
With a degree in Architecture from Cambridge, she brings a unique approach to design and user experience. During her eight year tenure at BYTE/DEPT®, she built and expanded the tech team, launched chatbots, augmented reality, games and dynamic advertising for clients including Just Eat UK, Spotify, and Meta, and managed a skilled team, securing lasting brand success.

Steven John Denekas

Steven Denekas

Global SVP of Creative at DEPT® & Chief Creative Officer at BASIC/DEPT®

Steven leads the creative team at BASIC/DEPT®, where he inspires an artistic approach to concepting experiences for the world’s most admired brands. From BBDO and Wieden+Kennedy to Instrument, he’s amassed an impressive list of partnerships and awards throughout his career for his work on Levi’s®, Canadian Club, Nike, Patagonia, and Sequoia Capital. His shifting career has shaped his current role in building teams and environments that cultivate ideas, scale companies, and deliver results. His mission is simple: do work that creates legacies.

Alexis Stepanek

Strategy Director at BASIC/DEPT®

Alexis Stepanek is a Strategy Director with over 10 years of experience working with brands like Sonos, Levi’s, Nike, Marriott, and General Motors to build innovative digital products and services. She approaches every day with curiosity and empathy, working at the intersection of culture, technology, and brand purpose. She has a successful track record of collaborating with brands to make a positive impact and create meaningful connections with their customers. Alexis is passionate about accessibility, tech ethics, and disability advocacy – striving to ensure the impact matches the intent, for all people. Prior to BASIC/DEPT®, Alexis worked at Edenspiekermann, MRM//McCann, Instrument, and AREA17.

Lisse Mastenbroek

Lisse Mastenbroek

Head of Strategy at DEPT®

Lisse Mastenbroeck is an accomplished Design & Technology Strategist and Behavioural Psychologist with a wealth of global expertise. Driven by an unwavering passion for uncovering the underlying ‘why’ in every challenge, Lisse possesses a remarkable talent for solving intricate strategic issues alongside teams and clients. Through her adept guidance, she not only formulates comprehensive digital transformation, communication, and experience strategies, but also successfully brings them to life.

Katy White

Principal Digital Consultant at DEPT®

Katy has more than 15 years’ experience across both marketing and technology. As DEPT®’s Principal Digital Consultant, she is responsible for developing client roadmaps that enable clients including END., Nikon and London Marathon Events to deliver engaging end-to-end digital experiences.



9:30am CET


Ralph Rijks
Lisse Mastenbroek, DEPT®




3:30pm CET


Oliver Lange, H&M
Nora Kato, FREITAG
Jan Roman Redeker, Weber
Tobias Cummins, DEPT®
Gesine Meitler, DEPT®




15:30 BST


Jordan Bourse, TikTok
Natalie Berg, Forbes
Harry Bainbridge, Highsnobiety
Katy White, DEPT®
Isabel Perry, DEPT®




12:00 EST


Steven Denekas, BASIC/DEPT®
Alexis Stepanek, BASIC/DEPT®




13:00 ART


Joaquín Gatti, DEPT®


Buenos Aires

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