Beautiful Homes

Transforming a home decor publication into an experience-led commerce platform

Beautiful Homes is India’s premier home decor magazine with a corresponding television show. Facing challenges with outdated technology, the brand turned to DEPT® to transition its website into an immersive experience akin to its TV program.

Evolving a magazine website into a dynamic commerce platform

The Beautiful Homes website started as a decor website showing different kinds of products and design content. However, the brand also had a TV show about celebrities’ home decor, and they wanted the website to have a similar story.

Together, we decided to evolve the platform beyond a static magazine website, adding the ability to shop for services and products on the platform.  

The biggest changes included adding a services section that offered home/interior design services. It allowed users to communicate with a decorator and hire them if they agreed on the type and scope of services.

We also integrated a seamless e-commerce functionality. This made it easy for users to purchase featured decor items directly from the site.

Technical revamp

The existing website operated on a legacy version of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and needed some SEO improvements and mobile optimisation.

We started by upgrading the AEM to the latest version, which allowed us to leverage its advanced features and capabilities for content management and delivery. 

Then, we implemented a mobile-first approach to ensure an optimal user experience across multiple devices and employed strategic SEO optimisation to enhance the platform’s discoverability. 

We also integrated Adobe Analytics to gain insights into user engagement, behaviour, and performance metrics. This helped the brand better understand the type of content their customers looked for.


Our collaboration revitalised Beautiful Home’s online presence and positioned it as a leading destination for home decor enthusiasts.

The seamless integration of e-commerce functionality streamlined the purchase process, which drove sales directly through the website.

The technical revamp boosted the platform’s visibility, significantly growing the organic traffic and decreasing the page load time.



in organic traffic

<5 sec

page load time


VP Global Adobe Alliances

Himanshu Mody

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