E-commerce in horticulture & agriculture

The horticultural and agricultural industry has always been about continuous innovation, and in recent years green companies are ramping up on digital. They’re implementing B2B commerce platforms to serve their clients, creating visibility on digital channels to engage with stakeholders, and changing their business models.

B2b e-commerce in horticulture

DEPT® is honoured to work with some of the drivers of innovation in these industries. We have built up in-depth knowledge of the business, driving organisational transformation and working on commerce solutions with industry-typical technology.

Commerce is your core business, and bringing your business online means fundamental changes and big opportunities. eCommerce in horticulture and agriculture is extra specific due to a more complex way of ordering (planning), harvest adjustments and speciality shipping. This requires a tailor-made approach to UX design and choosing the right technical solution. We combine creativity, technology and data with our extensive experience with horticulture and agriculture to boost your e-commerce.

Organisational transformation

Going digital is very fundamental to your people and processes. It requires a different way of working, new skills, and the right attitude to drive this change. We understand this and are here to help you. We can assess the current status of your organisation and the changes required. In addition to this, we can set up the programme process in a way that fits your organisation, with information and inspiration sessions to work toward a business to which your employees can commit.

Knowledge of horticulture typical technology

Working on commerce platforms means connecting systems that support the entire customer journey: marketing tools, website, shop, CRM, ERP, and so on. We can help you to define a future-proof IT architecture, based on the concept and design. We have experience with industry-specific systems such as PAT from CDS. We understand PAT on a very technical level, and our requests are in part responsible for PAT’s development. We work with the best commerce and CMS platforms available in the market and collaborate with you to determine the best fit.

Visual identity & branding

Change often leads to a new positioning and brand identity. Whether you are evolving to a more modern, digital brand or to a merger requires an entirely new branding process. We always start with you and your people. After this positioning phase, we design your visual identity. During implementation, we apply the design to digital media, packaging, point-of-sale materials, and labels.

Data-driven product suggestions

You don’t want to make decisions based on assumptions. All business problems have a data solution. We help our clients with an overall data strategy to take them to practical implementation of data systems and concepts. One practical example is a product recommender we developed to make suggestions based on the season, earlier orders, and a client’s click behaviour on the website/in the shop. This improved conversion by 10-20%. But you can also think of predicting behaviour, segmenting users/clients, or forecasting supply and demand. We can start your data strategy at one touchpoint, driving your business forward immediately.

Showcasing your work

Telling your story and showing what you do is of great importance within digital marketing. We helped the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) to raise funding and continue as an organisation by giving them the right communication tools to tell their story. To approach the right target audience, we created a content strategy that provided an integrated and aligned plan for media and content. As a result, we went on a field mission to Uganda to gather stories, photos and video material. We helped CTA to show their amazing work and story, by creating and sharing infographics, brochures and articles with the target audience.

We also aided Florensis to establish an online ecosystem which included a whole new website and a client order form, something that was new and unique to the market at the time.



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Paul Beentjes