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What’s next for growth marketers?

Our 2022 predictions

We are undergoing a fundamental shift in growth marketing. Physical and virtual worlds are blending, consumers are spending more time shopping online across numerous channels and platforms, cookies are going away, the creator economy is rapidly rising, and the traditional marketing funnel has collapsed.

Marketers have their hands full with changes to navigate. Do you know how you’re going to move forward?

Download our white paper “What’s Next for Growth Marketers?” to see what DEPT® experts are predicting in the coming months.

A few upcoming trends you’ll learn about…

– Signal loss necessitating the development of first-party data and automation to grow reach and more effectively convert consumers.

– An increasingly decentralized influencer/creator population that will have stronger relationships and additional monetization with their audiences.

– The continued blurring of lines between social platforms and eCommerce and the opportunities and challenges that brings along with it.