Transforming digital experience with Adobe Experience Manager

HDFC Ltd. has provided mortgage services in India for 45 years, with a high satisfaction rate among its customers. 

Appreciating what home buying means for its customers, the brand wanted to make the borrowing process seamless. So they turned to DEPT® to transform their digital experience ecosystem.

Enhancing digital experience

HDFC Ltd. aimed to deliver higher performance, greater scalability, and more efficient marketing workflows. They also wanted to establish a consistent customer experience across all channels, from the website to the mobile app.

The transition to the new platform was challenging, as the company needed to migrate everything without disrupting current business operations. 

In just three months, we deployed a new digital experience ecosystem in seven languages through our Adobe Experience Manager managed services.

Leveraging AEM for seamless migration and enhanced efficiency

First, we performed a necessary site migration to a new CMS. The pre-built core components of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helped to speed up website development, reduce costs, and accelerate deployment. Extensive customization options allowed us to meet unique internal requirements and seamlessly integrate website components.

Next, we created a headless architecture for the new environment, which made it easier to optimise content management across channels. This helped the company quickly provide up-to-date and consistent information to home loan applicants.

We also reduced the time of tracking interest rate changes. What used to take up to six hours of a single person’s working day can now be easily accomplished in less than 30 minutes. AEM automation has simplified many other day-to-day processes as well, allowing the team to deliver timely marketing information much faster.

Simplified compliance and lead management

By using Content Snippets, we made it easy to publish disclaimers and other regulatory information that must appear on different pages of loan products. The combined capabilities for creating and automatically publishing from a single console ensured accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Dynamic real-time creation of forms provided flexibility in the lead generation approach. And a professionally organized AWS database setup using Lambda secured efficient storage and retrieval of lead data. 

This made it easy to meet the changing demands of a large enterprise and established a consistent, high-performance experience across various devices and platforms.

Boosting website performance 

During the website optimization phase, we implemented sophisticated performance optimization strategies which improved the speed and operational efficiency of the website and helped us meet the needs of HDFC Ltd’s global audience. 

We customized SEO changes to accelerate time to market while maintaining flexibility. The changes quickly began to have a positive impact on website traffic and performance.


The HDFC Ltd. expected the site’s performance to improve by about 60% and was pleasantly surprised that the new, faster page load times exceeded those expectations. The site’s performance improved by 75%, which goes a long way in ensuring a positive customer experience. 


in site performance 


in SEO performance


reduction in time tracking interest rates  


VP Global Adobe Alliances

Himanshu Mody

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