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Building brand awareness with video

This cloud-based construction management platform enables teams of property owners, construction companies, project managers, contractors, and partners to collaborate on construction projects in one central location.

Through the platform, users can share access to documents, planning systems, meeting minutes, drawing markups, documents, and more. The company’s app marketplace consists of more than 300 partners, including Botlink, (for streaming video and data of construction projects), Box (for file storage and content management), and Dexter + Chaney (an ERP provider). Since opening their doors in 2002, this client has grown to support more than one million construction projects in more than 125 countries.

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Ad recall lift


Global category search lift


Awareness lift

Increasing brand awareness in a niche market

In July 2019, the client came to DEPT® after working with a previous agency that wasn’t focused on performance or growth. The client initially became interested in DEPT® based on our growth mindset, and after learning more about our unparalleled industry insight and expertise decided to partner with us.

After reviewing the past five years of brand and category demand, we recognized an opportunity to increase aided brand awareness by creating a unique video series for this client. To execute this quickly and effectively, we first had to ensure the client had the proper budget to reach approximately 40% of the target audience at least five times. The hypothesis was that if they could achieve these metrics, prospects would be much more likely to have an awareness of the brand and search for either the brand or the “construction software” category.

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Crafting a plan for long-term engagement

DEPT® turned to YouTube and video ad sequencing to improve and better segment the company’s existing videos into a mini-series that told an engaging story over time. Using this approach and following creative best practices, we were able to spark initial interest, communicate a compelling and informative story, and then conclude with a strong call to action.

A surge in high-value conversions

When users were exposed to this client’s YouTube ads, high-value MQLs led to an approximate 45% improvement in sales conversion lag, cutting the time from first impression to action taken from 4 to 2.2 days.

But that’s not all. We were also able to reduce the number of ad interactions before a high-value conversion, going from three to four interactions prior to the campaign to only one to two interactions. Other metrics that confirmed the campaign’s effectiveness included:

+2.7% ad recall increase

+2.1% brand awareness increase

+0.83% brand consideration increase

+1,561% global brand search increase

+309% global category search increase


VP of Growth

Lou Amodeo

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