Revolutionizing the way we sleep through a coordinated SEO approach

Layla Sleep is one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer eCommerce mattress brands in the United States.

Initially best known for their beloved memory foam mattress, Layla has expanded into other premium sleep accessories like weighted blankets, pillows, and bedding. They have consistently shown the ability to take market share from the most prominent mattress players.

Layla Sleep solutions
Layla Sleep solutions


increase in users


decrease in bounce rate


increase in non-brand visibility

A firm belief in a strong SEO strategy

Layla Sleep had been working with a well-known SEO company for over a year and was not seeing the results they wanted. Their previous agency’s approach focused more heavily on content and linking, but Layla Sleep felt they lacked an overarching strategy and the ability to quickly pivot when issues arose.

Layla Sleep also wanted to solve the workflow issues and services gaps that were caused by the “packaged” approach established by the legacy agency and wanted higher quality content and links.

  • Layla Sleep wasn’t getting the ROI they anticipated
  • They weren’t receiving structured reporting
  • There was a lack of strategy around where the budget should be allocated
  • The internal support team and communication were not organized
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Living the dream with boosted SEO and brand visibility

In the first month, we allocated about half of the budget to completing our SEO research and strategy formulation project. We knew it was necessary to understand all the potential business opportunities and get the various teams aligned on a 12-month plan rather than operating within a myopic view of best practices to undertake month-to-month. However, we also knew that we needed to keep the momentum going on the execution side during the transition, and we were able to do so with success.

Our SEO research project highlighted some key strategies that we have implemented.

These are a few examples of the initiatives made in the early months of the partnership:

Strategy #1 – Improve link quality

Layla Sleep was working with an agency that produced low-quality links. We produced a thorough analysis of the links and determined that we should pivot to a safer, more natural linking approach. After agreeing to the shift, there have been positive results on pages that have focused on the new campaigns.

Strategy #2 – Product size variants

In our research, we identified an area for opportunity to expand the keyword universe of Layla Sleep by creating pages with size modifiers. For example, we already had a page for “memory foam mattress” but the product page utilized JavaScript in the size selector, meaning the primary product page did not create a new URL for “queen memory foam mattress.” We saw this as an obvious place to capture additional demand with existing products and suggested we adjust the current approach to spark growth.

Strategy #3 – Hub pages

As Layla Sleep has products that can cover large categorical terms (such as “mattresses”) we needed to strategize on the best way to tackle these broader keywords. Through competitive research we uncovered that a hub page strategy could facilitate these types of rankings and started documenting the necessary on-page SEO elements we’d need to rank for these valuable keywords.

The SEO team worked closely with the creative team to produce a finished design of our ideal hub page after analyzing the current SERP’s top performers. These pages have proven to be very successful for Layla Sleep.

Strong support for limitless growth

We have seen substantial non-brand growth, and Layla Sleep has been favored very well in recent algorithm updates. Here’s a breakdown of the success we were able to drive:

+313% in users

-72% in bounce rate

+23% in page sessions

+72% in organic revenue y/y within 6 months

+160% non-brand rankings visibility


VP of Growth

Lou Amodeo

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