Vineyard Vines

Optimizing the B2B & B2C experience for an iconic clothing brand

Two men on boat holding fishing poles near a cooler with a vineyard vines sticker.

From its humble beginnings on Martha’s Vineyard to its current position as the Official Style for the likes of the Kentucky Derby, vineyard vines® has always been on a mission to encourage and empower people to live the Good Life.

To spread this mission even further, the clothing & accessory retailer tapped DEPT® and a team of elite partners to expand and optimize its commerce offering for both its consumer and business audiences.

Taking a niche channel mainstream

Before partnering with our team, vineyard vines®’ B2B offering was a niche, offline channel. Despite the lack of operation behind it the brand had built a string of successful B2B partnerships organically.

Together with vineyard vines®, we spotted a significant opportunity in the B2B channel. By leveraging digital technologies, we could create an online customizer for businesses to put their own stamp on their favorite vineyard vines products. 

Not only would a customizer formally operationalize and expand the brand’s B2B channel, we soon learned that it could drive $100 million in net new revenue for vineyard vines® while improving inefficiencies.

B2B customization, made easy

We dove in headfirst, allowing vineyard vines® to leverage its B2B channel to the full extent by using the brand’s existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud to build a portal for businesses to log in through and place online orders.

Once the B2B portal was live, we got to work on the customization experience. The final result allowed B2B partners to design co-branded clothing and accessories. After all, vineyard vines® is an iconic brand that already had an arsenal of equally iconic partnerships, including the Kentucky Derby, the Premier Lacrosse League, the Head of the Charles Regatta, Pebble Beach, plus various NFL and Fortune 500 brands.

Screengrab from the vineyard vines monogram shop with example items and customization instructions.

From B2B to B2C and beyond

Our B2B customizer was a success and soon after vineyard vines® approached our team to refine the experience for a B2C audience, this time giving consumers the ability to design their own vineyard vines® clothing based on unique logo color combinations and other decorations.

Based on our learnings in both B2B and B2C, we developed a pre-booking tool as an add-on to both customizers. This fulfilled a core use case for businesses and consumers who wanted to order in advance, in preparation for events like the Super Bowl, the Masters, weddings, or any other special event.  

Additionally, we developed an internal ordering system that gave customers the choice to ship their order to multiple locations. For orders placed internally on behalf of clients, vineyard vines® employees could choose which facility would produce the order, boosting order efficiency.

Close up of a navy blue vineyard vines jacket with white monogrammed initials.

Looking ahead

As a result of both our B2B and B2C customizer launches, vineyard vines® saw a 12.5% increase in e-commerce sales—which translated to three (!) consecutive quarters of record net profits. 

Moreover, our partnership with vineyard vines® continues. Currently, we’re evaluating the brand’s current B2C e-commerce experience with the goal of finding new ways of improving it with a Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) or combined headless/SFRA solution.


VP of Commerce, Americas

Ryan Nicholson

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