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You probably know someone who has his whole house decked out in Philips Hue smart lights, lamps, light strips and other accessories – or maybe you are that someone. To illuminate the Benelux market on the magic and versatility of Philips Hue products, DEPT® launched an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram and TikTok.

Our guiding light

Philips Hue’s awesome features beckoned for an influencer-led showcase. Influencers were the perfect torchbearers to effectively showcase Philips Hue products in their daily lives.

Showcase the ease of using Philips Hue

The campaign spotlighted the ease of use of the Philips Hue lighting system and its ability to enhance the ambience of any space. We wanted the influencers to create a series of Instagram and TikTok posts that demonstrated how Philips Hue lights could be customised to suit different moods and occasions. For example, they would show how Philips Hue lights could be set to a warm, cosy glow for a movie night or an intense display of colours for a house party. Apart from the visual aesthetic, the endless possibilities and functionalities of the Philips Hue app had to be highlighted. For example, how easy it is to control all the lights in your house when you are on the go. Or how you can create a customised light ‘scene’ using any photo on your phone.

Through collaboration with influencers, we were able to showcase the endless possibilities of Philips Hue smart lighting, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences that spark joy and inspire creativity in our everyday lives.

Marco Wallenburg, Lead Influencer Marketing Manager, DEPT®

Unleashing creativity

During the campaign, we partnered with several lifestyle and home decor influencers on Instagram and TikTok. They were picked for their ability to create creative content and their very engaged audiences. Each influencer received several Hue smart lighting products and was encouraged to have fun with the products in their day-to-day life. The influencers were given creative freedom to develop their content, and many came up with unique ideas to highlight the different ways in which Philips Hue could be used to enhance their homes. Some influencers got creative with the lights’ colour-changing capabilities, while others showed their custom light scenes for different moods and occasions. The influencers also engaged with their followers, answering questions, and offering tips and tricks on how to use the Philips Hue products. They also created a sense of community around the brand, with followers sharing their own experiences and ideas for using smart lighting.

Effective partnership: lifestyle & home decor influencers

Partnering with lifestyle and home decor influencers was very effective for Philips Hue to reach the target audience and showcase the benefits of all their smart lighting products. By leveraging the influencer’s existing audience and expertise, Philips Hue was able to build brand awareness and drive engagement. Moreover, by partnering with influencers who were genuinely passionate about the product, Philips Hue was able to create authentic, engaging content that resonated with their target audience.

Going viral

The campaign made waves across social media, thanks to the viral posts of some of our influencers. These posts captured the attention of millions of people, sparked conversations, and generated buzz around the products. With their unique and creative approaches, the influencers managed to connect with their audiences in a truly authentic way, inspiring them to join the conversation and share their own experiences with the brand.

Elevating the Philips Hue brand to new heights

The results were impressive. The campaign reached over 28 million people organically and generated over 800,000 likes, shares, and comments on social media platforms. The campaign’s success can be attributed to the adept selections made by the influencer team at DEPT® Amsterdam. And the collaborative efforts of the influencers, who have been carefully chosen to promote the brand. This influencer campaign’s success has helped elevate the Philips Hue brand to new heights and establish it as a leading innovator in the world of smart lighting technology.


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