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Building a future-ready Optimizely solution

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Bouygues Energies & Services is part of the France-headquartered global construction group Bouygues Construction. Bouygues is a leader in the fields of building technology, building management, photovoltaics, traffic technology and energy supply technology. It turned to DEPT®’s Optimizely expertise to future-ready the group’s technology platform.

A multi-brand challenge

The construction giant comprises three brands: Bouygues Energies; Services; Helion and Kummler; and Matter EVT.

Being a multi-brand group comes with its challenges, particularly when giving all brands an equal amount of digital attention.  Bouygues turned to DEPT®  to develop a holistic and future-proof platform for the group, with the aim of uniting  all brands and locations while still offering them sufficient autonomy.

Joint web presence

In the past, the three brands were associated with different websites, presenting a variety of issues for both the company and the user. Firstly, the decentralized content maintenance in four languages ​​was very time-consuming and technical adjustments and updates were relatively expensive due to various software solutions. Also, the fragmented website landscape meant that users lacked a clear overview of the company’s entire service portfolio.

Together with Bouygues Energies and Services, we developed an extensive requirements analysis in a series of workshops to evaluate the appropriate CMS platform for the project. After careful analysis, Optimizely was chosen as the digital experience platform to serve as the technical hub for all Swiss Bouygues Energies & Services websites, including different brand and language pages.

The migration to a modern technology base not only solved Bouygues’ problem of time-consuming website maintenance, but also laid the foundation for creating an optimal user experience. By developing a modern and well structured design, DEPT® was able to provide a more functional and seamless online journey for visitors to find each of the individual brands, their services and product portfolios. All brand appearances are now based on a uniform template, which at the same time leaves enough freedom for the individual messages and content of the different companies within the group.

Modern location search

On the new platform, users can now easily search for any Bouygues location and find out about services. To power this function, DEPT® developed an individual location search with a Google Maps connection, using  Google’s geographic data. Again, we focused on delivering a modern and responsive design in the new Bouygues Corporate Identity. Within the feature, each Bouygues location also has the option of publishing individual content and services. Despite the individual freedom, all locations are managed via a central back end and will also be updated in the future.

“We replaced the old website structure and then replaced it with a modern, state-of-the-art solution. In this way, each location is given a certain degree of autonomy and still everything is managed centrally. The new multi-brand branding offers optimal usability for customers and employees of Bouygues,” explains Brian Robinson, Managing Director UK at DEPT®.

Daniela Enke, Head of Digital Marketing at Bouygues Energies & Services Switzerland, said: “In the past, maintaining the various pages has cost us a lot of resources. Updates, technical enhancements and maintenance of content are much easier on the new platform.”

DEPT® has managed to create a multi-brand solution that shows the unity of the group on the one hand, but still emphasizes the individuality of the brands.

Daniela Enke, Head of Digital Marketing at Bouygues Energies & Services

A look into the future

Bouygues’ efficient and user-centric new platform offers the business the best conditions for future growth and its flexibility allows for continual technical adjustments. For example, thanks to its modularity, an already planned Salesforce integration can be easily implemented. Over the future course of this project, several brands will be gradually migrated to the new platform.


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