Beyond Blue

An app to battle depression

For the last 20 years, Beyond Blue have positively impacted the lives of Australians who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, some communities within Australia—specifically LGBTQ, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders—are at greater risk of suicide. Beyond Blue set a goal of alleviating the burden felt by those populations.

Australia averages eight suicides a day. Beyond Blue wants to get that number down to zero

Beyond Blue wanted to put personalized suicide safety plans into the hands of those who need it most. They have extensive experience creating these plans for others—they just needed to make them accessible to members of these overburdened communities.

A good plan helps a person identify concrete steps they can take in order to feel safe during particularly difficult times.  We knew that the success of Beyond Now would rely heavily on our ability to make real connections with real people and build trust in the product. Through honest and candid conversation with Beyond Blue, we learned about the sensitivities that surround mental illness, we learned about the communities we were trying to reach, and then we built an app that puts the user at the centre of the experience.

We built an app that helps people reclaim their lives and actively fight their depression

DEPT® partnered closely with Beyond Blue to develop Beyond Now, a mobile app that lets each user build their own suicide safety plan and carry it with them wherever they go. 

Designing Beyond Now required a deep understanding of mental health and suicide prevention. User experience was a priority, aiming for an easy-to-use interface with a welcoming colour scheme. We conducted extensive research with people facing various mental health issues to understand their needs and preferences, leading to diverse user personas.

We made sure the app is easy to use, with clear headings and simple instructions. It helps users create personalized safety plans step by step, including triggers, coping methods, contacts, and crisis steps. Users can also quickly reach crisis helplines and chat support through Beyond Now.

For sensitive content, we added warnings and choices to skip or use it carefully. We also thought about diverse cultures and groups, like LGBTQ, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islanders, to make the app welcoming and respectful. Beyond Now is designed to be a user-friendly, helpful, and inclusive mental health resource.

Successful outreach to thousands of people in need

Suicide prevention is all about communication. The right message delivered at the right time—and in the right place—can make all the difference. Beyond Now is designed to provide information and support to those in need, and people have responded to our efforts. Since its launch, Beyond Now has been downloaded over 36,000 times and approximately 16,000 safety plans have been put in place.


SVP of Growth APAC & Head of Australia

Evan Davey

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