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The holistic approach for total search performance

Harnessing the combined power of paid search and organic search for a holistic approach

Are your paid search and organic search efforts working in silos and competing against each other? Search Dominance combines search performance plans and adopts a holistic model where both channels work together as a unified force to create the most impactful search marketing strategy.

This approach ensures you are correctly allocating your different keywords to ensure maximum effectiveness and eliminates points of unnecessary and excessive ad spend. Not only does this optimize budgets and prevent cannibalization of channels, but it helps you achieve more with less.

Embracing this comprehensive search strategy helps create a more consistent and integrated customer experience by considering every touchpoint in the customer journey. This allows you to develop targeted strategies more aligned with how your audience interacts with your brand and behaves online. Pairing these two channels together ensures you can optimize efforts wherever possible and boost your visibility and presence on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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Paid search / Search engine optimization (SEO) / Conversion rate optimization (CRO) / Data and intelligence

comprehensive search strategy

Meet the Search Dominance team

Our search performance experts collaborate across numerous channels to bring a holistic approach and new, innovative thinking to search marketing. Leveraging the perfect blend of innovation, data, and technology, our Search Dominance team is relentlessly focused on providing the maximum return on investment and plotting your pathway to growth.

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Joseph Kerschbaum 3Q_DEPT

Joe Kerschbaum

SVP, Search and Growth Labs

Wes Flippo

Wes Flippo


Paid search + search engine optimization = search dominance

A smarter, more comprehensive search marketing strategy

Achieve higher-growth goals

Imagine a universe where all your worlds come together: Paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) working together under the same roof. Taking a siloed approach is hampering efforts and losing you business.

With a data-led approach, Search Dominance aligns paid search and organic search efforts to help brands achieve better results across the board and reach their higher-growth goals. This comprehensive search marketing strategy empowers you to more effectively reach and convert consumers wherever they are in the sales funnel.

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Paid search and organic search is the perfect combination

Search innovation

Deep industry partnerships and preferred access

Collaborative ecosystems to amplify search innovation potential

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to cultivate long-standing, trusted partnerships with major industry players – and we’re constantly adding to that list. Because of this, we are able to can give our clients a competitive advantage and ensure they’re always ahead of the game. We receive earlier access to important new betas and products, enabling our Search Dominance teams to proactively adapt to changes and optimize client campaigns and projects in time for the official launch.

Additionally, our partnerships and connections help us tap into thought leaders and experts at these companies, positioning our teams to take full advantage of the best tools and technologies available in the digital marketing industry.

search engine marketing methodology

Advancing the next generation of search engine marketing

Bernoulli by DEPT®

Search engine marketing is a critical channel that brands need to take advantage of to attract and convert consumers across the entire digital marketing funnel.

Recognizing this, we’ve designed a brand new search engine marketing methodology we call Bernoulli by DEPT®. Our proprietary methodology helps us to harness the power of automation and data, better integrate audiences, and optimize campaign performance. Bernoulli by DEPT® ensures our clients can achieve their marketing objectives and drive results through proven strategies and cutting-edge techniques.

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