FirstSpirit is an open and extensible Java-based DXP that provides a suite of advanced marketing tools. Allowing marketers to deliver, adjust and optimise their digital offerings.

With FirstSpirit’s built in AI personalisation engine, customer segmentation capabilities and the ability to unify data from various data silos, FirstSpirit allows organisations to better understand and deliver timely and relevant content to their audience, whatever the channel or device.

FirstSpirit’s flexible integration points allow organisations to adopt modern, best-of-breed digital strategies connecting data silos from various applications into one unified system.

FirstSpirit –
key features

Unify data silos

The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine (ICE) aggregates data from various customer touch points, allowing you to build advanced profiles of your audience, providing the foundation for your personalisation activity.

Automate personalisation

With FirstSpirit’s AI-powered ICE organisations can deliver targeted 1:1 personalised experiences in real time whilst quantifying the impact of personalisation activity.

Visual content editing

With the FirstSpirit ContentCreator marketers and content teams are provided with a user-friendly visual content editing interface. The visual editor provides direct visual feedback into how content edits impact a site’s look and feel.

Integration capabilities

FirstSpirit is designed with integration from the ground up using industry standard interfaces and programming languages to allow organisations to quickly plug in various best of breed platforms (CRM, ERP, Commerce and more).

DEPT® & FirstSpirit

DEPT® is a certified FirstSpirit implementation partner. We work with a range of fast paced organisations across a number of industries to accelerate their transition on to the FirstSpirit DXP Platform.

Our team of experienced Java Developers, Infrastructure Consultants, UX Designers and Content Editors can help your business migrate and scale within FirstSpirit. Providing support and guidance on a number of areas from cloud hosting and integration points to content migration and personalisation / testing.

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