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Tips for maintaining brand loyalty during uncertain times

Joseph Kerschbaum
Joseph Kerschbaum
SVP, Search & Growth Labs
3 min read
23 September 2020

A Kinsey survey found that since the pandemic started, over 77% of Americans have tried new shopping behaviors, including new “methods, brands, and places.” This makes perfect sense as household budgets tighten and uncertainty abounds. An important note: those shoppers intend to stick around for the long term.

Going into the holiday season, ensuring rich, meaningful engagement with your current customers and prospects is more critical than ever.

The two major pillars you should consider this year to engage with your customers should be messaging/targeting and 1st-party audiences. Here, we provide a few pointers for ensuring you deliver a first-class customer experience based on your data.

Hone your ad targeting

Each digital marketing channel provides an opportunity to connect meaningfully with past users. Take advantage of all the available tools at your disposal for laser-focusing your ad targeting.

Use our cheat sheet to harness the power of 1st-party data in your messaging and creative.

Segment for better ad delivery

Your 1st-party data provides a rich set of insights for your business since it represents the people who’ve actively searched and found your brand.

To get more out of your 1st-party audiences, segment users by their behavior to apply specific campaign goals towards each one. Here are a few suggested, holiday-centered classifications:

  • Frequent purchasers: Be sure to include previous holiday purchasers.
  • Website visitors: Segment by homepage visitors and add to cart.
  • Newsletter signups: Another great way to reach those looking for discounts and deals.

By focusing on behavioral segmentation, you’ll understand when and how customers ended their journey and what patterns they followed before purchase or abandonment. And, you’ll be able to deliver relevant ads that are more likely to lead to a purchase.

Drive customer engagement and loyalty

Your returning customers and potential new ones are crucial this year—and they’ll pave the way for your success in the coming months. With so many brands fighting for attention, small gestures and key adjustments to your marketing programs will go a long way.

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SVP, Search & Growth Labs

Joseph Kerschbaum