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Instagram: 5 tips to write ad copy that converts

Stephanie Bissonnette
Stephanie Bissonnette
3 min read
29 September 2016

When there are more photos taken every two minutes today than taken throughout the entirety of the 1800s, it’s not surprising that companies have turned to photo-centric Instagram to advertise.

On a platform with over 95 million photos and videos uploaded a day, trying to create the perfect image to stand out to your customers can be complicated. While a captivating image is important, don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the only thing you need for a successful ad. Adding strong copy to accompany your creative has become the standard among digital marketers. Here are five tips for writing Instagram ad copy that will convert your audience into customers.

1. Make it flow

While your image should be the “inspiration” that your audience initially sees, your copy should be the “information” to augment it. Those in the audience whose interest you’ve piqued with your image will be looking for additional information in the copy. Ensuring that your copy correlates directly to the image provides your audience with a better experience and increases the likelihood that they’ll convert.

2. Keep it simple

When writing ad copy, remember to keep it short and to the point. Try to convey your message in 1-3 sentences; anything longer runs the risk of losing your audience’s attention. Avoid using excessive capitalization or punctuation that may be considered spam. Instead of, “CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRODUCTS!!!!”, try using, “Shop our fantastic new summer line!” After reading the caption, the audience should know about your company and the solution that the product being sold provides.

3. Engage your audience

Starting your copy with a relatable question is an easy way to engage your audience. There are three things to remember when you’re crafting your question: 1) you should already know the answer; 2) questions should be easily answered with a yes or no; and 3) you should keep the question positive. Rather than asking your audience existential questions, ask them questions they’re happy to answer.

4. Include a CTA

Whether you’re asking your audience to browse your newest products or learn more about what’s coming soon, including a call-to-action at the end of your ad copy can remind your audience to take further action. It can be as direct as “shop now!” or more conversational like “get yours before they’re gone!” Additionally, Instagram includes a call-to-action below the photo or video in your ad, with options ranging from “learn more” to “download”. Your written call-to-action should correspond with the call-to-action button that you choose.

5. Limit your hashtags

Though not necessary to include, hashtags can enhance your copy and brand. However, you should use a maximum of four to prevent your ad from looking like spam. Rather than stick all of your hashtags at the end, include some organically in your copy. This is also a great way for your branded hashtags to gain visibility with your audience.

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Stephanie Bissonnette