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DEPT® launches commercetools implementation accelerator

Hein Strijker
Hein Strijker
Partnership Director
3 min read
11 July 2023

Today, DEPT® is launching the latest addition to its ADA/DASH headless accelerator together with commercetools.

Fuelled by the best MACH® products, ADA/DASH provides the building blocks for modern headless marketing and e-commerce sites, enabling the delivery of websites months faster than traditional development. With commercetools as a featured integration, brands can quickly develop an e-commerce store powered by its leading headless e-commerce solution.  

“DEPT® and commercetools have had a close partnership over the last four years, navigating the evolving e-commerce landscape together to help brands such as Just Eat Takeaway to maximize the potential of a headless architecture,” said Jonathan Whiteside, Global SVP Technology & Engineering at DEPT®. “This latest integration with ADA/DASH means we’ve created an end-to-end solution to alleviate all e-commerce development challenges for brands who want to move fast, and demonstrates both DEPT®’s and commercetools’ pioneering approach to commerce.”

“The partnership between DEPT® and commercetools is a perfect example of a mutual unwavering commitment to helping brands revolutionize their approach to commerce,” said Blaine Trainor, VP Global Partnerships and Alliances, commercetools. “With the ADA/DASH, we can further unlock boundless potential for brands who are looking for a rapid time-to-market, fuelled by the best composable MACH® products available, and delivered by one of the most capable agencies in commerce.”

From months to minutes

Over the past year, there’s been a significant evolution and endorsement around MACH® principles (microservices, API-based, Cloud native SaaS, headless). MACH® technology allows businesses to innovate and respond to change quickly, meeting customers’ needs today and in the future. 

We developed ADA/DASH to be a powerful MACH® solution. It aligns with the MACH® principles and is an excellent fit for commercetools customers. Because it provides pre-built, customizable building blocks, ADA/DASH simplifies and accelerates launching MACH®-based e-commerce sites.

ADA/DASH streamlines the whole process, from providing Figma design files to implementing infrastructure-as-code templates and automated testing. This allows customers to get to market faster, with less duplication of effort and more time to focus on creating unique digital experiences.

The commercetools integration in ADA/DASH provides a pre-build end-to-end e-commerce journey, pre-integrated with the leading CMS, search and payment tools significantly reducing development time and complexity, enabling businesses to leverage its robust commerce capabilities. And because it’s composable, brands can plug-in complimentary integrations for a best-of-breed system. As ADA/DASH is based on open standards including React, Remix, and Typescript, any company can extend or customize it as needed.

Who is ADA/DASH for?

ADA/DASH is for any marketing or e-commerce team that needs a custom website in an unconventional timeline–typically a few months.

By leveraging ADA/DASH, DEPT® strategists, designers, and developers have more time and budget to create experiences that power your digital strategy.

Want to see ADA/DASH in action? Watch the demo here.


Partnership Director

Hein Strijker

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