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5 non-e-Commerce industries that should use carousel ads now

Jacob Favaro
Jacob Favaro
3 min read
18 August 2016

Since carousel ads launched, they have demonstrated extremely strong results, and we’ve seen more and more clients start to prioritize this ad unit. Engagement rates seem to be much stronger for carousel ads than for single-image ads; they’ve been reported to drive a 50% lower CPA and a 20-30% lower CPC than single-image ads

Most people assume this ad type works only for ecommerce companies, but you can totally get creative with it and use it for non-ecommerce companies as well as well as on both Facebook and Instagram. Below are a few examples of other industries that can benefit – and this is just scratching the surface.


Many marketers can use the carousel unit to tell customer stories and how the company helped customers reach their goals. FinTech is one great example (as shown below), but you can imagine how EDU, medical, etc., could also benefit.

image of carousel ads on facebook

Business Services

WeWork used the carousel unit to show the different perks of working in a co-working environment. You can use carousel ads to show the different benefits of your company, leading the user to a different link for each carousel card as well to align with each benefit.


Travel is a great fit for carousel ads. Everyone loves seeing amazing photos of different scenery from mountains to beaches to beautiful sunsets. You can showcase the different destinations you offer and encourage someone to book a trip.

Dating Services

You see a lot of dating services ads popping up on Facebook these days. You can tell a story with your carousel ad using a continuous flow from card to card.

image of carousel ads on facebook


The entertainment industry does a great job showcasing a story and plot line within the carousel ads.

Of course, it’s easier to set a scene when you’re advertising a TV show or movie since you have a plot to go off of, but for products and services you just have to think about how users’ lives will fit in with your product and create a scene that flows for the user.

Like I said, this is just scratching the surface of non-eCommerce companies that can use these. Real estate, vehicles, insurance…you can see how all of those would benefit as well.

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