Emerging technologies

New emerging technologies transform our lives, businesses, and the global economy. The early catches the worm; fast movers can reap the rewards of an expanding digital ecosystem by being the first in their industry. Always looking for new innovations, our cross-discipline creative, data, and technology teams can devise and build your business an industry-leading experience for the top new trends.

VR & AR experiences

What was once a futuristic dream is now built into the smartphone in every person’s pocket. Virtual reality and augmented reality is growing, driven by filters, useful tools, and exciting experiences for consumers to interact with.

As experience becomes more and more central to the modern shopping experience, building an interactive VR or AR app can be the difference that transforms a market. From simple tools to help users visualize an online purchase, to experiential storytelling, Dept’s creatives, strategists, and developers help you to produce campaigns and apps based around eye-catching visuals or useful everyday functions, ready to make your market take notice.

Conversational interfaces

Messaging apps are integral to our day to day interactions. These interactions are more than social; it’s the planning of everyday life. Your business can be part of that by joining the conversation through administrative apps or conversation commerce.

These functions can offer product recommendations, provide information, and enable purchasing through the most popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Messenger. This function can also be installed on your site, providing customer support, useful in alleviating the pressure on support lines. Opening these new channels can drive previously untapped revenue through a branded conversation.

AI & machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are having a huge say in how marketing is being done these days. From voice search to ways of helping you predict buyer behavior, to personalized shopping experiences and increased productivity by the automation of tasks. We help you with the right strategy, creation, and implementation. Whether it is driverless cars, drones, gamified interactions, or AI-powered personalization, Dept is always thinking about how to make use of the latest innovation to promote your brand and increase your sales.

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