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Microsoft Bot Framework

From an idea to a prototype in days

years of experience

Bots are hot. Nowadays more and more organizations are expanding their digital services and customer service offering by harnessing the power of bots, especially chatbots. However, this requires a powerful Bot Framework infrastructure. Microsoft’s Bot Framework is a powerful framework which our experts use a lot for numerous clients and projects. With over four decades of experience and a large open-source community, Microsoft’s Bot Framework enables brands to go from idea to prototype in just a few days.

The basics of the Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is a full-suite of tools that brands can use to build various different kinds of chatbots. Think of these tools as building blocks that enable developers to build and connect intelligent bots. Think of these building blocks as commonly used dialogue formats such as text which, together, can provide a transactional flow. In addition to these building blocks, the Bot Framework also enables connection to various channels so that developers don’t have to take into account all the different user interfaces.

By leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework, developers can create, integrate, and manage a wide variety of bots and bot experiences that interact with users naturally. Microsoft has embedded a Natural Language Processor and AI capabilities which ensure that a user’s question, context, and emotions are understood. Overall, the tools and services available in Microsoft Bot Framework dramatically reduce the amount of code and coordination required to develop “enterprise-ready” bot experiences.

Here are a few more noteworthy aspects of Microsoft’s Bot Framework:

  • This framework provides one with a set of tools for building a chatbot and is continuously being enhanced because it is an open-source program. 
  • The Bot Connector can be linked to numerous channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. But it can also just as easily connect to a web client or a native mobile application.
  • Ready-to-use web chat client based on the Angular or ReactJS javascript framework. This client is open source and fully customizable to your liking. In addition, many examples are given for implementation, such as widgets, React or Angular based, chat history, proactive messages, etc.
  • Voice-controlled capabilities based on “Speech to Text” from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. Meaning companies can add speech options to their chatbot and create a voice assistant.

At Dept, we have supported numerous companies in the implementation and development of Microsoft’s Bot Framework. From customer chatbots to enabling a messaging system between users, this tool has enabled us to build conversational AI experiences for multiple organizations:


Waternet is a Dutch company which supplies drinking water to Amsterdam and the surrounding cities. In order to elevate the customer experience on the company’s website, we built and implemented different types of a chatbot to replace their internal service desk and provide the customer with more tailored guidance depending on their query. Any and all questions can be asked to the chatbot and if it cannot help the customer properly, they will be redirected to the correct department for further help.



Oxxio is a Dutch energy supplier who asked us to help them develop an app that provides insights and self-service to customers. To elevate the customer experience, we implemented a chatbot energy buddy named O. This digital companion not only brings an element of fun to the app, but it also monitors individual energy consumption, gives personalized advice, and is the first point of contact for customer questions. To do this, we used Microsft Bot Framework as a middle layer in the app which could easily connect to the front-end system and pull information from two databases in the back-end which provided answers to frequently asked questions. If the chatbot can’t find an answer or help the customer, the user will be transferred to a member of Oxxio’s client services team for further assistance.

Oxxio half width case


Our recipe for success involves combining creativity and data with technological solutions such as Microsoft Bot Framework to help organizations grow and accelerate and we can help you get the most out of the Bot Framework thanks to:

  • Our years of experience building successful conversational user experiences.
  • We have a team of specialists who know from A to Z how to build a successful bot and can create one based on your specific wishes which accelerates your business goals.
  • Simply implementing the framework is not enough, our team is ready to further support you by integrating the bot into your back-office systems and fulfillment programs, use behavioral data to personalize responses, and write content for your bot among other things.
  • Lastly, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning our engineers are very experienced when it comes to building solutions using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and accelerating digital businesses by providing customers with the full suite of Microsoft services.

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