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In 2016, Dutch technology company BloomReach acquired the Hippo CMS and has become one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms. The open-source, Java-based CMS is fast, flexible, and integrates closely with the tailored marketing service BloomReach Experience.

BloomReach’s DXP (Digital Experience Platform) positions itself within the marketplace as the ‘Open & Intelligent’ platform. BloomReach DXP is built with a ‘headless CMS’ approach. It separates the content and presentation layer, whilst providing a range of pre-built integrations with leading DAM, ECM, Commerce, Marketing Automation and CRM systems.

BloomReach DXP enables organizations to build, measure, scale and optimize personalized digital experiences easily by allowing organizations to leverage assets and data from multiple repositories.

BloomReach Hippo – Key Features

  • Relevant Experiences = BloomReach Personalization provides organizations with a series of smart algorithms which automatically adjust search and merchandising results based on user behavior.
  • Embedded Intelligence = With BloomReach Experience, data stored in various siolos can be aggregated to build up a true picture of the customer experience.
  • Improved Search Visibility = With BloomReach Organic content editors can optimize their content for long-tail keyword searches. Meanwhile intelligent content linking enhances the relevancy of your content giving your site an SEO boost.
  • Flexible Architecture = BloomReach DXP’s headless CMS approach de-couples content, logic and presentation allowing organizations to plug-in various other best of breed technologies i.e. SAM, ECM, CRM etc.

Dept & BloomReach Hippo

Being a certified BloomReach implementation partner, Dept works with a range of global organizations to accelerate their transition on to the BloomReach DXP platform.

Our experienced team of Java Developers, Infrastructure Consultants, User Experience Designers and Content Editors can help your business quickly and efficiently migrate to and scale within the BloomReach DXP Platform.

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