DEPT® is a BloomReach implementation partner working with the BloomReach Digital Experience (DX) platform (Hippo).

An open & intelligent platform

We help enterprises accelerate their business with an agile, Java-based CMS solution and an open and intelligent DX platform.

Our certified developers can work with global companies with diverse digital requirements to migrate to a DX platform that integrates quickly into their current architecture. Taking full advantage of the BloomReach Hippo DX cloud architecture, open APIs, multilingual support, personalisation capabilities, A/B testing, and trend analytics, we can help businesses to control, measure, and optimise the enterprise digital experience across all digital channels and global touchpoints.

BloomReach’s DXP leverages a “headless CMS” approach”, which separates the content and presentation layer to allow you to reuse content and services across multiple environments more easily. Based on the insights Bloomreach-Hippo gives you about the content performance, you are able to create and optimise personalised multilingual content which matches your audience expectations.

DEPT®’s expertise in experience design, extensible architecture, and technology integration can develop a BloomReach Hippo DX solution that gives your businesses the power to deliver personalised content for every visitor, in any context and on any device.

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