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DEPT® launches its Marketing Automation Practice in Copenhagen

Katrine Andersen
Katrine Andersen
Commercial & Client Director
3 min read
12 July 2022

Personalisation across marketing channels and omnichannel data integration are challenges that many brands struggle with. To help Danish and Nordic brands excel at it, DEPT® is launching a dedicated Marketing Automation practice in its Copenhagen office.

DEPT® is expanding its team and services within Marketing Automation to create a dedicated department within the Copenhagen office. The new service line addresses complex tasks within email marketing, data and customer journey management.

The initiative is led by Katrine Andersen, Marketing Automation Director, who is enthusiastic about the prospect of hiring more consultants and helping more companies: “We are ready to help our customers take their Marketing Automation efforts to a higher level, putting customer lifecycle management at the forefront of their marketing strategy.”

The practice was established to help customers with a wide range of challenges within Marketing Automation, especially when it comes to creating a true omnichannel approach to digital marketing. On that note, Katrine elaborates: “Omnichannel has been mentioned a lot in recent years, so people are tired of hearing about it. But a true omnichannel approach is something we don’t come across that often. And that is exactly what we specialise in – helping organisations solve internal, technical and data challenges that might occur when implementing an omnichannel setup.”

Lasse Loftin Rasmussen, Managing Director at DEPT®, explains why the Danish office is ramping up their Marketing Automation efforts: “We see a great need for Marketing Automation among our customers. They often contact us about creating a more strategic approach to the entire customer journey instead of focusing on a single channel or multiple channels separately. In addition to that, we’ve had wonderful experiences working on Marketing Automation projects with our colleagues in The Netherlands and the UK, so we’ve decided to expand the service offer to the Danish market.”

Marketing Automation gives companies the opportunity to better control the customer journey. However, it requires resources that most organisations don’t have available in-house. That is where DEPT® can contribute with expert knowledge on the strategic efforts of using data to provide a more personalised customer experience. 

Katrine adds: “In a de facto omnichannel customer journey, Marketing Automation is what creates the connection between what you see in an email and what you see on Social Media, search engine results, and the company’s website or online store. For many organisations, Marketing Automation is an area with huge untapped potential. Our expertise is to exploit all the potential within it, ultimately resulting in a large return on investment for the client.”

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Commercial & Client Director

Katrine Andersen