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Marketing Automation


Personalised customer journeys are crucial to successful campaigns.
Customer journeys are no longer linear and consumers are ever more empowered to engage with your brand on their terms. A quick shift from mass communication to personal messages puts new demands on marketeers. So how to meet these demands? We believe marketing automation is a key enabler.


The term marketing automation might not sound like it, but it can make your marketing a whole lot more personal. A whole lot more relevant. And a whole lot more lucrative. Optimising your owned media, like e-mail and landing pages, in the customer journey of your target audience to reach your business goals.


Nurturing prospects, finding new customers, optimising current customer engagement or decreasing customer churn. It can be a challenge to know where to start. There are so many tools available and they all seem similar. Business processes and people need to be aligned across departments. Perhaps you already invested in a marketing automation tool, but are not getting the most out of it. Our marketing automation consultants can help with your strategy, audience definition, platform selection and implementation, content creation, campaign management and measuring results.

Our Dept process

We believe marketing automation works best when you mix data, creativity and strategy. Understanding your audiences, along with when and how you can best talk to them is key. Our expertise brings all of these elements together in a structured approach. This helps you to see the bigger picture, while breaking it down into feasible steps to deliver results.

The end result? You will be well on your way, whether through a marketing automation strategy, user personas, a pragmatic implementation plan or data driven end to end customer journeys. We can work with you if you are considering Marketing Automation or are ready to get more out of your existing platform. Your benefit? Transform your customer engagement to a more meaningful, highly personalised experience driven by data insights.

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