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Google revolutionised search and online advertising. It owns both the number one and two search engines and its Android OS holds 75% of the global market. Every company today has some kind of relationship with Google. For companies relying on digital marketing, Dept helps with Google’s products and services to innovate and accelerate their business.


The information age is greatly influenced by Google. For us as a digital agency, understanding Google and its technologies is essential to support our customers. Google’s business products are split into two main divisions:

  • Google Marketing Platform: Rebranded in 2018, the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) unifies Google’s media and analytics services into a full-stack technology suite. Through GMP companies can plan, buy, measure and optimise digital media and customer experiences. It includes Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick), Search Ads 360, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360 and Tag Manager 360.
  • Google Cloud Platform: As a suite of cloud computing services, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers hosting, infrastructure and computing power for data analytics. GCP lets developers build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. The platform also provides services for utilising machine learning and AI.

Smooth integration between the two platforms allows companies to collect, analyse and optimally use their business data.


Dept supports B2B and B2C organisations by successfully harnessing the Google platforms. We helped JYSK with inventing and creating a Google search marketing strategy for twenty countries. By automating the processes and developing an action-oriented set-up JYSK achieved significant results that maximise their return.

Aside from that, we conquered the biggest data challenge for Rituals. Before, the Home & Body cosmetics brand had a separate website for each country. Not great in terms of your SEO when you consider the large amount of duplicate content, significant fragmentation in authority and waste of crawl budget with more than one million pages. Now the websites are migrated to one .com domain, with many positive outcomes as a result: discover them here.

We crafted the perfect customer journey for De Hypotheker in order for them to remain the biggest player in the market. By setting up a digital and strategic framework we enabled the company to see the entire customer journey and define the quality of a user even better.


The Dept Way

At Dept, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions such as Salesforce to help organisations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why Dept is the ideal partner to get the most out of Google:

  • Certified Google partner and official reseller of GCP and GMP: Dept can help your business grow through all of Google’s products and services. We’ll connect any platforms and systems required and create our own solutions to overcome challenges. Moreover, Dept can assist your organisation in obtaining its own Google license.
  • Part of Google’s International Growth programme: As a member of this team, Dept has access to additional consultancy and global data insights. This allows Dept to better serve and support clients with their international ambitions on a strategic, operational and analytical level.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced: We have been working successfully for many years with a large range of technology leaders. With our wide array of experience, we can help a broad range of customers to embrace digital.
  • Full approach: As a fully integrated digital agency, we can support your company with SEO optimisation, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help you grow and develop.
  • Widely deployable: Our teams have broad experience with the technical aspects of the cloud and marketing system, as well as in setting up the organisational processes to use Google successfully. In addition to projects, we can also temporarily reinforce an existing team with our specialists.
  • Knowledge specialist: We don’t just keep our years of expertise in designing experiences, extensible architecture and integration of technology to ourselves. We share our knowledge as a Google expert in in-depth blogs in which we look at practical challenges. Please see below for examples of client cases and stories.



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