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Pushing the limits of digital transformation

In the banking, finance, and insurance (BFSI) sectors, the road to digital success is rarely a straight line. It’s a complex journey that requires tackling a series of challenges while keeping up with your customers’ changing expectations and regulator’s demands. It takes persistence, patience, and grit to develop products and services that are fast, secure, and user-friendly.
With over twenty years of experience in the BFSI industry, we are well-equipped to help your organisation:

Overcome legacy systems: Traditional institutions often struggle with legacy systems and bureaucratic red tape. The lack of a roadmap limits the future version of your tech and data stack. Ad-hoc requirements, data challenges, and constantly changing development teams add to the chaos. Our data experts, engineers, and business consultants can help you navigate your tech and data stack and create a clear roadmap.

Create market differentiation: Earning customer loyalty means providing services that are not only secure and transparent but also tailored to user’s needs. As industry standards like Open Banking and Open Finance become widely adopted, your organisation must differentiate through digital experiences that offer value beyond mere utility. As leaders in experience and innovation, we can help you understand your user’s most urgent needs—and then build experiences that go beyond.

Compete in the digital-first world: Compete in the digital-first world: There is more competition than ever, with digitally-native organisations capturing market share among younger generations and international audiences. We help banks, investment firms, and insurance companies accelerate their in-house teams and streamline processes. We make sure your CIO and CMO work hand-in-hand, enabling you to deliver on customer promises and stay ahead of compliance. All of this with a strong focus on elevating customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay competitive in the fast-evolving financial sector.

Digital services

Our end-to-end approach supports some of the biggest BFSI companies in the world. It can put data-driven decision-making and digital customer experience at the centre of your operations.

system modernization

System modernisation

Modernise your system with an innovation-led approach, cutting costs and preparing for future tech. We focus on resilience, employing tools to isolate issues and modernise in stages for minimal disruption. From unlocking APIs to integrating Gen AI and ensuring compliance, we streamline operations, enabling faster market access and driving your business forward efficiently.

leading CX

Leading costumer experiences

Elevate your customer experiences with DEPT® by continuously updating and refining strategies, integrating analytics, segmentation, and personalisation into a cohesive feedback loop. This ensures experiences evolve to meet customer needs seamlessly. Our AI and ML-enhanced approach not only differentiates your brand but also strengthens engagement, loyalty, and recall.

innovation teams

Innovation teams, processes, & Culture

We foster innovation and agility by building cross-functional engineering and data teams. With the help of simple dashboards to drive rapid, informed decision-making and the infrastructure for rapid execution. While our regulatory expertise ensures compliance while driving innovative solutions.

data AI

Data & AI

We build both embedded and remote teams that help you deliver a huge impact with AI, internally and externally. Our services around data and AI can help you uncover trends, build new personalised products, and make better business decisions.


Transforming the future of financial planning for eMoney

Specialised in overcoming risk

The industry is naturally risk-averse, making innovation and differentiation challenging. With years of experience navigating these waters, we can partner with your organisation to move the needle while remaining compliant.

01 — Compliance and regulatory adherence
We have a track record of successfully navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the BFSI industry. Certified with ISO 27001, our teams are well-versed in international financial regulations, ensuring projects comply with the latest legal standards. This is supported by our zero non-compliance incidents in regulatory audits, demonstrating our commitment to legal and regulatory adherence.

02 — Cybersecurity and data protection
Our cybersecurity protocols are designed to meet and exceed industry standards. We implement state-of-the-art encryption, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring systems to protect your data. This proactive approach has resulted in a significant reduction in cybersecurity incidents year-over-year, showcasing our dedication to maintaining the highest level of data security.

03 — AI hallucinations
Addressing risks associated with large language models (LLMs), we’ve made significant investments in technology to ensure AI-generated content is reliable, ethical, and accurate. Our approach includes fact-checking mechanisms and safeguards against false information (hallucinations), ensuring the integrity of your content.

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Platinum SOLUTIONS partner

Adobe Experts

As an Adobe Platinum Solutions Partner with 17+ years experience, we have unrivaled experience deploying Adobe’s suite of products, integrating systems, and scaling content for some of the world’s leading Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance organisations.

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