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Agriculture & Food

Disrupting the food value chain


Digitisation and widespread Internet access have changed the face of food, farming and agriculture forever. What may be seen as a more traditional industry is in fact highly technical, with modernised production methods and supply chains. However, there’s still some way to go in the manner that these industries communicate and engage with business partners, suppliers and end-consumers. When it comes to food sources, production and consumption, there are several unique communication and engagement challenges to be faced.

Modernising the world of food and agriculture

To ensure quality products and transparent communication, agriculture and food industries are heavily regulated. In today’s health-conscious and ethical world, people expect to know everything there is to know about their food, including its origins and means of production. There’s no space for false claims, so the messaging needs to be accurate and on point. Digital is reinventing the way these sectors do business. New ecosystems and ways of working are constantly being developed, resulting in more efficient business models, e-commerce platforms such as D2C and new delivery methods. If data and analytics are the seeds, then digital transformation is the water. Put together, this gives your business the potential to grow more than ever.

Our approach to food and agriculture

Over the last 20+ years we’ve helped many of our agriculture & food clients build and accelerate their digital business. Here’s how:

  • Harvesting information. Strong, insightful data is at the heart of any successful digital strategy, informing choices and maximising the potential for engagement.
  • Innovation all the way. All of our projects come with hand-picked technology solutions, tailored to your needs and seamlessly integrated for minimal disruption and maximum impact.
  • Covering all the right angles Creative thinking is an essential part of any digital campaign, ensuring that the data and technology are not only used intelligently but with the right kind of impact as well. 
  • Proactive, not reactive. The world of digital is always changing, so you’ll need to change with it. All of our strategies are designed to give you that agility, resulting in a new, better kind of capability.
  • A dedicated team. From in-house resource through to expert contractors, we’ll manage the selection, briefing and output of your team. To strike the right balance between speed and excellence.
  • In for the long haul. For us, a true partnership is the only way to succeed. When you work with us, we’ll plan for the future as well as the present to ensure that your goals are not only met but exceeded as well.


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