Technology strategy & architecture

Leverage DEPT®’s global network of software experts. 

Our tenured team can help you identify key technical challenges, explore solutions, and provide you with a technical blueprint for your digital business. During strategic planning, we will not only detail programming languages, frameworks, and hosting solutions, we explain the why behind each recommendation. 

In the end, your development team has a clear path to production, armed with precise architecture diagrams and answers to key technical questions. Whether you need a prototype or a review of your current tech stack and architecture, our experienced architects can diagnose and create a modern strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

We aim for cloud-first, best-of-breed, technologically proven, and quality-driven development. 

Our customized solutions make use of experience in the design and implementation of software projects using AWS, Azure, and Google. Throughout the process, return on investment and operational security are always a priority.

Architecture sprints

Need an architecture discovery or audit? We offer architecture sprints as a service, to help your engineering organization plan for the future.

Using our years of experience, we merge your organization’s strengths with a suitable architecture strategy. With the right blueprint in place, you have all the tools to succeed.

Find the right platform (or build your own)

Selecting the right tech partner is one of the most important decisions a modern business can make. The CMS, database, and e-commerce platform market is broad, and navigating the various offerings can be a challenge.

Of course, there may be situations where you need to build a custom solution for your business. We can help you understand a build versus buy scenario and what makes the most sense for you.

Digital teams

The pace of innovation never slows down. That’s why we have the engineering organization down to a fine art. We are adept at matching the right people across Dept to the right people on your side so that successful, multidisciplinary teams are built.

Teams with the right mindset for achieving fast results. That test and learn. And build further on integrating your digital products and platforms within a flexible technology architecture.