Technology strategy and architecture

A solid digital architecture needs to be efficient, easy to use and reliable. This all begins with building your technology strategy – a multi-year roadmap charting how and when your business upgrades and updates their software.

An expert digital agency can act as tech consultants to advise on implementing or optimising technology. The right experts will help you to make digital tools more efficient and cost-effective, supporting you to reach your business goals and stay ahead of competitors.

DEPT® help you to prioritise investments in the process of digital transformation, consulting on every part of the process and taking the lead on roll-out. From optimal website architecture to scope of work creation, our experts will help you to drive your digital strategy forward.

Technology strategy

Our user-centric development teams take a user-centric approach to developing technology and digital transformation strategies. We analyse the key business challenges and define your requirements to identify and build a robust and flexible digital architecture.

This includes scouting for silos and breaking them down, because the right technical platform brings all your data and systems together, embedding digital solutions at the core of your organisation.

We aim for cloud-first, best-of-breed, technologically-proven and quality-driven development. Our customised solutions make use of experience in the design and implementation of software projects, and return on investment and operational security are prioritised throughout the process.

Building emerging technology into your strategy is important, not only to excite modern audiences and stay ahead of the curve, but to test new experiences and explore new sales channels. 

DEPT® is accustomed to helping global brands to strategise business growth through technology. We’re always future focused, so you know your strategy and solutions will remain relevant in tomorrow’s market.

Website architecture

Choosing the right website platform and architecture, and learning how to make it work for you and your customer, is pivotal to constantly refining your digital ecosystem. 

But the CMS, CRM and e-commerce platform market is broad. That’s why it can be beneficial to work with a tech partner to best navigate the sea of options to choose and implement the best one for your business.  

Using our 20+ years of experience, DEPT® marries the long-term vision and short term goals of your company to the strengths of a suitable platform. With the right partnership in place, your business has all the tools to succeed, both in a consumer-facing capacity and at an operational level.

The implementation of your technology strategy requires seamless collaboration, which is facilitated by powerful cloud software. DEPT®’s DevOps team is partnered with leading cloud platforms AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This allows us to provide essential services for your business development, such as migration, infrastructure builds and automation.

Our infrastructure management service also allows you to scale, maximising the potential of your future-ready platform. We can provide ongoing guidance and hosting support, so that you’ll continue to improve efficiency online.

Digital architecture experts

The pace of innovation never slows down. This is why we have successful digital team creation down to a fine art. We are adept at matching the most relevant experts from our network to the right people in your business, so that successful, multidisciplinary teams are built.

DEPT® cultivates a mindset for achieving fast results, by thoroughly testing and quickly learning. We build on integrating your products and platforms within a flexible digital architecture.

Get in touch to find out how DEPT® can accelerate your technology strategy through your website architecture.


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside