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For more than 80 years, Philips has been the leading brand in the male grooming market.

With a strong focus on new technologies and innovations, their products are built around a deep understanding of the ever-changing needs of men.

One of those products is the all-in-one groomer 7000 series; loved by anyone who tries it but, in a highly crowded category, not on every man’s radar.

Philips approached us to help break through the clutter with a new campaign that shows how their product is the obvious choice for all modern grooming needs. 

Philips multigroomer

A wider opportunity

While delving into the world of our men, we saw an opportunity that was bigger than the brief. Because beyond product relevance, we detected a clear need for more real and honest communication when it comes to men and their hair.

The conversation around women’s shaving and hair removal has become a lot more diverse and honest in the last couple of years, with brands like Billie and Estrid leading the charge. But until today, this conversation has not happened for men.

The male body positivity movement is slowly ramping up, but it never concerns hair. 

phillips shaving campaign

Unhappy with hair

And this is a big issue. Research shows that the majority of men are ashamed of their body hair (OnePoll, 2019).

Which isn’t that crazy when we take a look at the untrue image of (the often lack of) male body hair we see displayed in advertising around us.

Spreading body hair positivity

Together with Philips, we decided to change that and play an active role in addressing these insecurities by spreading some much needed body hair positivity. 

Our goal for this campaign was to spark a conversation that ignites change in the entire male grooming category. And while doing so, pivoting the Philips brand into a bolder and more inclusive direction.

Honest and versatile

We came up with a sharp and disruptive concept which breaks with the homogenous look of the category. No clean-shaven, successful-looking, corporate dudes, but real men with real hairy needs.  

In line with the versatility of our product, we wanted to show it all: chests, legs, ears, arms, back, and balls (yes, you read that right). 

By being honest about men’s grooming needs and habits, we celebrate all body hair, leaving no men – and hair type – behind.

Curly, thick, straight or wavy – you name it, the all-in-one groomer 7000 series will trim, shave or edge it.

A social-first campaign: hyper-relevant ads, delivering the right message to the right people at the right moment.


Creative Director

João Inácio

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